Stretching Ear Lobes - Mini How To Guide

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Stretching (plus hints and tips)

What is stretching?

Stretching is the means by which one can slowly enlarge a pierced hole in the body, this is mostly done to the ear lobe, but can be done to nearly every piercing that you can get. This is done by slightly stretching the tissue, causing micro-tears to form, and maintain the hole at the new size until the tears heal completely. This process can then be repeated as many times as needed, to get to the desired size, as long as this is done safely and correctly, this means that nearly any size piercing hole can be created.

How often should I stretch?

Stretching is based on the individual, as every body is different you must gauge this time yourself and be sensible about this. As there is no set time frame that will work for everyone all I can do is give you a suggestion on how long to wait, but this will vary depending on aftercare and difference in size that you are going from and to. General rule is that most people feel that their ears are healed after 1 month, before stretching again it is advised to wait another 2-3 weeks. Or you can look at it this way one stretch every other month.

Stretching By Taper Method

Using a taper is the most effective way to stretch your ears with minimal stress. Firstly you will need a taper to do this, these can be made of metal or acrylic and should be:
  • Smallest end - gauge below your currently gauge, so that you can get the taper in easily
  • Largest end - the size you want to get to or size up from your current gauge, this goes one size jump at a time
e.g. small end would be 14G (1.6mm) and the large end would be 10G (2.4mm)

WARNING! When you stretch it should never be painful, there might be a slight amount of discomfort from the pressure, but it should never be any more than this, also there should never be any bood while stretching.

If you would like to know more about stretching and find out everything you need to know then you should buy my stretching guide and read it before you attempt to start stretching your ear lobes, this guide comes with some taper kits, check the listing to see if it's included with the kit you want! Search my shop for the  guide & taper kits!
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