Strobe Lighting Buying Guide

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Strobe Lighting Buying Guide

Strobe lights are illumination devices that produce patterned flashes of light. The name originated from the Greek word "strobos", which means "act of whirling". These lights are used in multiple applications such as professional photography, entertainment, emergency situations, and even as toys. The continuous flashes makes things appear like they are moving in slow motion or in reverse. This produces a unique effect at clubs and has also helped in the scientific field for viewing things like vocal cords in slow motion.

The energy directed to the bulbs is sorted by the device’s capacitor. The capacitor regulates the number of bursts and the patterns that they are delivered in. Consumer lights usually have a limit of 10 to 12 flashes per second to minimise any negative side effects, such as seizures, to those with epilepsy.

Strobe lights were created in 1931 by Harold Eugene Edgerton who used a flashing lamp to study moving objects. Once he perfected the technology he was the first one to be able to photograph moving objects such as bullets in flight. The uses of strobe lights have expanded since and they began being use in clubs in the 1960s. Today people can find many kinds of strobe lights to use in any application.

Types of Strobe Lighting

The kind of strobe light to get depends on its desired application. Each type is built for a specific purpose and is not be ideal for other uses. For example, a party strobe light is not ideal for photography.

Emergency Strobe Lighting

Emergency strobes are seen commonly on police vehicles, ambulances, and fire trucks. However, these strobes are available to the public as well. Small hand held strobe lights are used by people to notify those around them when there is an emergency. For example, if a vehicle breaks down in the country where there are not many people, the driver can put the strobe light in the window to try and signal for help. Strobes are also available that can be installed on ATVs or other vehicles for personal use. They cannot be taken out on the road with the strobe lights on them through.

Strobe lights are also used in coordination with alarm systems. For example, a house alarm can be hooked up to an exterior strobe light. When the alarm system is triggered, the light outside begins to flash to notify those outside. These can also be hooked up to smoke alarms and car alarms.

Party Strobe Lighting

Strobe lights are used at parties to produce a unique, slow motion effect. They are especially popular for dances and there are even coordinated dances that people have created that move to the flashes of the light. When looking for party strobe lights,, they can be either handheld or wall mounted. Generally the larger ones mount on the wall or ceiling. The lower priced ones have a set brightness and flash pattern, but the higher end ones have multiple flash patterns to switch between and their brightness can be adjusted. For larger rooms, get the strobe lights with higher wattage. For example, the average handheld or smaller strobe light is around 150 watts. The larger ones are over 1000 watts.

Photography Strobe Lighting

Photography strobe lights are timed with the camera and they flash in coordination with the picture being taken. There are monolight strobes and power pack strobes. The monolight strobes are self contained because each strobe head has its own power source. They are less expensive but are also heavy and harder to transport. The power pack strobes have heads that are all connected to one power pack. They also share the same flash tube and modelling light. They are dependable and easy to repair since they use fewer parts. Upgrading the wattage is also easy because only one replacement power pack is needed rather than several.

When shopping for photography strobe lights, keep in mind that they have to be able to connect to the camera. They can do this through a wire or a wireless transmitter. Buyers need to make sure that the camera they have connects to the lights that they are purchasing.

Strobe lights in photography are popular because they last a long time, they generate no heat, are energy efficient, and they produce daylight quality light. However, there is a learning curve to get over when first starting out. The camera settings must be set up correctly for them to work.

Another suggestion is to look for kits. The kits come with multiple strobe heads, the stands, the connection system, transport cases, and the umbrellas. Sometimes it even cost less to purchase a kit rather than getting each piece individually.

Mini Strobe Lighting

One party fad is to have mini strobe lights.. These come in the form of earrings, necklaces, pins, key chains, cups, and even shoes. They produce a cool effect when several people in the room have them on. They make great accessories or give-aways and are very inexpensive. However, when worn in a room with a large strobe light, the effect can be somewhat overwhelming for people.

Strobe Lighting Features

Each strobe light has specifications that buyers should look at. The amount of wattage it has determines how bright it is and how far it can project. The cheaper lights have less power and not be as bright.

Next, consider how it is mounted. For photography lights, they need to come with highly adjustable stands so that they can be placed at the right angles. For parties and emergencies, see whether or not the lights are designed to mount to the wall or the ceiling. Handheld ones should also have some kind of a stand so that they can be set down without rolling off.

Also, find out how many flashes per second the light can do. Higher quality lights can do quicker flashes. This is especially important in photography because the pictures do not turn out right if the flashes are too slow.

Lastly, like any light, the strobes can be either LED, halogen, or fluorescent. The LED lights are the most expensive but they are also the brightest, last the longest, and use the least amount of energy. The fluorescents are energy efficient and last a decent amount of time, but they usually have to warm up for awhile. Halogens are the cheapest bulbs but they do not last long, use up the most power, and are not as bright.

Find Strobe Lighting on eBay

Strobe lights are not exactly an everyday household item so they are not readily found in local shops. They are also something that can be highly specific, especially in photography. People usually want lighting with certain specifications, which means that they need to shop at a place that has a large selection of lights so that they can get exactly what they want. Unfortunately, most places do not have that, so people have found a new and more convenient way to do their shopping. eBay is a central hub where sellers from around the world come to sell their wares. This means that shoppers can find anything they need on the website, but they can also shop between sellers to find the best deals.

To get started, go to the website and type in the name of what you are looking for. You can enter anything from "Strobe Lighting" to "Photography Monolight Strobes". The more general you are in the search, the more products eBay shows you. Similarly, more specific searches produce fewer options for you to choose among, so it is often a good idea to start with a general search and then refine it as needed to be sure you do not miss any good deals.

As you shop, be sure to pay attention to the reviews that each seller has. Every time someone purchase an item on eBay that can leave a review for the seller. Read through these and make sure that the people were happy with the seller’s service as well as the product. If you have any questions, eBay makes it easy to contact the seller.


Strobe lighting can help produce beautiful photography, warn people of emergencies, be fun accessories, or completely transform a party atmosphere. They have also contributed greatly to scientific research in the medical field as well as others. Their unique form of illumination cannot be matched, and these lights have many real world applications. They are not difficult to buy if people follow the instructions provided and anyone can find the specific strobe light that best matches their needs. By determining what kind of strobe light they need, what features to look for, and where to shop for them, it becomes a simple, easy process to buy strobe lighting. All a buyer needs to make the buying process easier is to be aware of all their options when selecting strobe lighting. This allows buyers to find exactly what they need without feeling overwhelmed or confused while shopping.

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