Strongman Tools Quick Compressor Guide

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Quick Compressor Guide
Using the right tool for the job will always pay dividends, pneumatic tools greatly improve productivity and enable the most labour intensive jobs to be done with ease.
We supply a range of compressors, specifically selected to provide home mechanics and semi-professional users the perfect solution for their application. All our compressors work off a single phase 240V supply, the majority will plug into the wall with a standard UK 3 pin plug, some higher capacity models will need an uprated 16A supply. When selecting the right compressor for you a few factors need to be evaluated, these include
Rated Capacity and Maximum Pressure Supplied
All air tools will have a minimum requirement for air flow (CFM) and pressure (PSI/BAR). Your chosen compressor must be able to provide the minimum air flow requirements to ensure your chosen tools will actually work effectively, most tool suppliers will quote a CFM figure in tool specification - always ensure that you select a compressor which can supply the practical (Free Air Flow) as opposed to the theoretical (Maximum Air Flow) capacity required
Receiver Size
The larger receiver the easier it will be to work quickly and continuously, the tank will provide an aggregate supply continuously topped up, as required. If you spraying or using equipment such as tyre changers then larger tank capacities will be required.
Noise Rating
If you are working in the home garage nothing is going to annoy the neighbours more than the noise of the average compressor keeping them awake! We supply standard direct and belt driven compressors which will suffice for most applications but a large number of our customers opt for our Super Silent range to ensure good neighbourly relations.

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