Studio Photography

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How many Studio flashes should I buy for home portraits? Just the one and also a reflector. Unless you're experience, one flash is all you need. The single flash simplify the lightening arrangement and helps to produce them shape defining shadows. Two flashes in the wrong hands almost certainly will produce flat images. So why do professional photographers use more than one flash? Second and third flashes are used for background, hairlight and effects lighting. Gain some experience from the single flash first before moving on to that second flash Can a low power slave flash be used instead of the bigger flash? Hmmm, all depends on what you are doing. Studio lighting is almost a certain NO! Home setup is different as subject, background and flash are often very close together due to that lack of room. Experience tells me, that it can work with good results but there are draw backs. For example, slave flashes don't come with modelling lights or variable power output. Don't use anything less than a guide number of 20. Which is better, brolly or softbox? Softbox. Softbox diffuse the light over a much bigger area and they can get in very close to the subject. Brollies are presented in a reverse direction which means that the distance from the subject is increased with the body of the flash being in the way.
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