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Royal Mail and the joys of obtaining compensation and redress for loss has prompted the following important comments from  heritage2collect, on 5 Feb '06

Hi - I just read your Guide on Postage & Packing. You might like to add a comment or two from me... 1. As regards FRAGILE labelling I was advised it should be clear and easily visible and all surfaces should be marked. 2. Within the UK if the seller specifically requests the buyer be compensated directly Royal Mail will do this. Alternatively if the buyer wishes you can provide a letter to them to state that Roayl Mail should deal directly with them for the claim (I have had this done for me by sellers). 3. Royal Mail will compensate without seeing the packing on an item sent abroad - if you clearly state how it was packed & labeled. 3. I have had to claim on 5 occasions (2 as a seller and 3 as a buyer). I find invariably on items over £50 that it takes three letters, that you have to be very clear and state your case in full, and that in the third letter you have to tell them that the claim will not go away and that the next step will be a civil court action

Hi - Further to my guide comments. One of my claims for an item sent was an item sent abroad and was for £500. The Royal Mail tried to say they would pay at the cost of the item to me, and that they did not recognise ebay values. I pointed out that 1. I was claiming on behalf of the addressee who had paid the postage costs, and it was the cost to them which counted. 2. That eBay is a recognised auction method every bit as valid as a bricks and mortar auction house. Then I quoted volumes and TV programs which have given valuations based on ebay auction sales. I do hope you can include this information within your guide, as it helps I think for people to know how difficult it can be to claim. Equally it may help people to know that despite this if they persist and are clear and thorough in their letters that Royal Mail will pay. If it puts some people off claiming to begin with then it is probably just saving them time as I think they are going to be the ones most likley to give up

potz100 has printed these comments in their entirety and cannot vouch for their accuracy but do believe they add weight and experience to the discussion. Thank you paul.

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