Style your eBay shop! Easy Steps!

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I would like to share a few tips about how to style your eBay shops homepage. Check our store out and see what we have done with our pages: If you think this guide is helpful, please click yes at the bottom of the page. This page will keep updating.

Today’s tip is about how to style your shop category panel.

Step1: Go to My eBay page, click Manage My Shop in the Favourite Links section.

Step2: Click Display Setting on the left panel, then click the second “change” link at the right side of the page (it is the change link for Shop header display).

Step3: Check the “Yes, include additional information in the header. (Enter below)” button, then copy the code below to the text box. Click “Save Setting” button at the bottom of the page and you are done! Go to your store homepage and see what it has done for you!

table#StoreCategories {
table#StoreCategories a {

NB: You may change the color choosing different color values above (“#FFCCFF” and “#FF00FF”). You may try your own favorite colors from below.

Red  #FF0000
Turquoise #00FFFF
Light Blue #0000FF
Dark Blue  #0000A0
Light Purple  #FF0080
Dark Purple  #800080 Brown #804000
Yellow #FFFF00
Pastel Green #00FF00
Pink #FF00FF
Light Grey #C0C0C0
Dark Grey #808080
Black #000000
Orange #FF8040
Brown #804000
Burgundy #800000
Forest Green #808000
Grass Green #408080


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