SuicideNeil's guide to the R/C Monster Trucks

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It doesn't matter really, because here is the last website you will ever need to look at if you seek info relating to the Traxxas Emaxx ( 3906 old version, 3903 & 3905 new brushed version, or the 3908 Brushless version ) & Erevo ( brushed & BL versions ), along with anything else electric R/C related:

tinyurl dot com/monstertruckguide

You will find:

In depth guides to the Traxxas trucks covering all aspects of their design & operation, weak points, upgrade options, maintenance etc etc

Upgrade guides for the old 3906 Emaxx to bring it in line with the more modern versions

Electrical tutorials covering Lipo batteries, LVC devices, Brushless motor & esc systems & Chargers/charging techniques, and BECs- applicable not only to the Traxxas models, but any electric R/C model for that matter

CastleCreations CastleLink guides covering suitable settings for the MambaMonster ( MMM ) esc

Along with a massive Useful Links page with links to retailers & numerous helpful How-to guides and other resources.

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