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1/108 - Prince

War - Dawn Rune/Charge

Unite - Sworn Protector (Miakis/Lyon), Perfect Likeness (Roy), Royal Power
(Sialeeds), Falena's Finest (Galleon/Georg/Lyon/Miakis/Kyle)

Notes - He's the hero. You get him from the start. He's good at a lot of things
in this game, like any other Suikoden hero.

 2/108 - Lyon

War - Charge (2)

Unite - Sworn Protector (Prince), Falena's Finest

Notes - She's with you for most of the game, until she is injured. Later on
though she joins once again. Definitely one of the more consistent characters
and can do more physical damage than you might think (assuming you keep up with
her weapon). She also gets the Twilight Rune later on.

 3/108 - Cornelio (optional)

War - Water

Unite - None (although his DoReMi elf rune is based on the amount of elves in
the party)

Notes - As stated above, Cornelio has a very strong relationship with the
DoReMi elves. You'll find them all over Falena, and they are listed at the
bottom since they are not a part of the 108 Stars of Destiny. Cornelio however
is very much a part, and he is a quality rune user who can attack rather well
with that Conductor's Wand of his. By getting all 5 DoReMi elves you'll unlock
Cornelio's fourth spell on his DoReMi rune. This is quite a powerful spell
(1500 damage to all) but you must have them all in your party. Also, if you
recruit all the elves you can talk to Cornelio at the HQ and he'll allow you to
listen to any track of the Suikoden V OST.

 4/108 - Sairou (optional)

War - Supply

Entourage Ability - Trade In

Notes - Sairou is the Trade Shop owner of your HQ. In order to get him to join,
you must visit him in Raftfleet and talk to him when there is a shortage of
salt in the area. He will mention something like this and then sell all six to
raise the price. He'll be impressed by your work and will join you.

5/108 - Lun

War - Recover (2)

Unite - Family (Kisara/Logg), Dad and Daughter (Logg)

Notes - You'll first meet Lun with her father Logg at the top of the Lunas
Woods. They'll be stealing gold but you'll later help them, and in return
they'll join you when you go to Raftfleet.


- Logg

War - Barrage

Unite - Family (Kisara/Lun), Dad and Daughter (Lun)

Notes - You'll meet Logg with Lun and then help them out. Later on, Logg will
assist you with boatrides anywhere you'd like almost, and will also introduce
you to some quality people like "Gunny" and Haleth.


7/108 - Lucretia Merces

War - Fury

Unite - N/A

Notes - Lucretia is your strategist, who you break out of prison. Her two
guards, Cius and Lelei, join your cause as well. Throughout the game she is
generally the one to talk to in the War Room to advance the plot.

8/108 - Cius

War - Charge (2)

Unite - Lockdown (Lelei)

Notes - Cius joins automatically with Lucretia.

9/108 - Lelei

War - Barrage

Unite - Lockdown (Cius)

Notes - Lelei joins automatically with Lucretia

10/108 - Egbert (optional)

War - Charge

Entourage Ability - Potch Finder

Notes - Egbert is a tricky one to get. You must find him in the tunnels to
Agate Prison on the way to Lucretia (on the way back actually) and he'll go on
about the Godwin's again. Now don't cut him off when he's speaking to you
otherwise he won't join you. If you listen to his speech patiently he will. If
he messed up, leave and re-enter. When he joins you can play a game with him at
the HQ.

11/108 - Kyle

War - Recovery

Unite - Falena's Finest (Georg/Miakis/Lyon/Prince/Galleon), Maze of Steel
(Georg/Miakis/Galleon), Flash of Steel (Georg)

Notes - Kyle is an automatic recruit that is highly involved in the general
story. He joins you a little earlier in Sol-Falena but doesn't permanently
until you meet him in Rainwall after getting Lucretia.

12/108 - Raja

War - Barrage

Notes - Raja is the head of the Raftfleet and the Dahak. On several occasions
she'll be one of the main generals in your wars and cannot die. She joins you
after saving Raftfleet.

13/108 - Kisara

War - Barrage

Unite - Family (Logg/Lun)

Notes - Kisara also joins you automatically after the battle of Raftfleet.

14/108 - Boz

War - Charge

Notes - Boz is also one of your head commanders in war with that sturdy Spear
Unit of his. He does not officially join the Stars of Destiny until much later
but he'll fight with you after you meet him in Rainwall and will desert Lord
Barows and join you after that whole debacle.

15/108 - Shinro (optional)

War - Supply

Entourage Ability - Trade In

Notes - Shinro is a Raftfleet local who joins you after you save Raftfleet in
the battle against Bahram Luger.
16/108 - Josephine (optional)

War - Fire (2)

Unite - None

Notes - Josephine can be recruited at the south end of Haud Village with
Sialeeds after the battle of Raftfleet. It is possible that other nicely
dressed females can recruit Josephine also, but you're better served to just do
it while you have Sialeeds.

17/108 - Takamu (optional)

War - Shortcut

Entourage - Escape Route

Notes - Takamu is in jail at the Agate Prison. Visit him with Lelei or Cius
after the battle of Raftfleet to open the jail cell. After this you'll have to
find his equipment which is in the room with the save orb. After this he'll
join you and give you a map of Sol-Falena. Also you will need him to traverse
the Lunas Woods, something only Takamu and elves can do.

18/108 - Luserina

War - Morale

Notes - Luserina Barows is the younger daughter of Lord Salum Barows. Once you
expose Salum and acquire the Dawn Rune, Luserina will join you and will be the
one who forms your parties.

19/108 - Chuck

War - Stabilize

Notes - Chuck also is acquired right after you expose Lord Barows for hiding
the Dawn Rune. Chuck acts as your storage guard (he did before he joins) in
Rainwall, Raftfleet, HQ, and even the Dwarf Camp. A useful character for only
this reason, although you do duel him before you get the Dawn Rune.

20/108 - Zegai (optional)

War - Charge

Unite - Crowd Favorites (Shoon/Belcoot)

Notes - Zegai is another highly involved yet optional character. You'll meet
him much earlier than you can recruit him, but be nice and always take his side
during his time in Stormfist. If you do this (or so I hear) you'll have a
better chance of getting him in the Lunas North Woods. Anyway, take Takamu with
you so you can cross to the left of the area and take Urda with you. Go into
Lunas and talk to Isato with her to get that storyline going and then leave the
Woods and return. Now, where Lun and Logg were, go talk to Zegai. If you were
nice to him (and the number of recruits you have might matter as well) he'll
join you if you ask. He's a powerful warrior and also acts as the Combat
Teacher in the HQ. Lastly, he can duel Childerich if you bring him along for
that (much, much farther down the road).

21/108 - Oboro (optional)

War - Rumor

Notes - Oboro is one of the more easily missed characters in Suikoden V. You
can get him as early as after the Raftfleet battle, but you MUST get him before
the Queen's Campaign. As soon as you finish the battle of Rainwall, go to his
ship in Rainwall (southeast part of town). Ask him to investigate Lordlake
(this will be talked about at the Barows Mansion so go to Oboro when you first
hear about it). He'll accept the job, and afterwards go to the Inn and talk to
Norden several times. Leave the Inn and follow the sequences with the
Investigative Agency and don't leave them no matter what. Eventually you'll get
Norden to give in. If you do all of this, go to him at the end of the Raftfleet
battle and ask him to join. Also note that if you fail to do this, you can
still get him by asking him five times, although you have to do this after each
storyline event. So, basically you're going to want to visit him all the time
if you missed the investigation. Otherwise he joins with Shigure and Fuyo.

22/108 - Shigure (optional)

War - Ambush

Unite - Fugitive Hunt (Sagiri/Raven), Case Closed (Sagiri)

Notes - Shigure will first meet you after you talk to Norden and leave the
Rainwall Inn. Follow him along as he is a member of the Oboro Agency. At the
end when Oboro joins you, he will as well.

23/108 - Fuyo (optional)

War - Rumor

Notes - Fuyo is another member of Oboro's Agency that joins you when Oboro does
in Raftfleet.

24/108 - Norden (optional)

War - Charge

Notes - Norden is the drunkard at the Rainwall bar that the Oboro Agency
investigates. If you go through this entire investigation and stay with the
entire time, Norden will join you if you ask him at the Rainwall bar (or he'll
be in Lordlake if you wait). Also note that Norden is only involved in warfare.

25/108 - Zweig

War - Find Weakness

Unite - Sindar Surge (Lorelai/Killey)

Notes - Zweig is a knowledgeable man who is along for most of the Sindar ruins
that you visit. He'll be outside your HQ before you explore it, and will also
be one of the four party leaders at the end of the game so it is advised to
keep him leveled up.

26/108 - Lorelai

War - Find Weakness

Unite - Sindar Surge (Zweig), Fate (Georg/Killey/Viki)

Notes - You meet Lorelai right after getting Zweig. She'll challenge you to a
duel and she's not too difficult. She'll join your party to investigate the
Sindar ruins and will join you permanently shortly thereafter.

27/108 - Viki

War - Wind Magic

Unite - Fate (Georg/Killey/Lorelai), Oops! (Genoh), Pretty Girl (Faylen/Norma)

Notes - Viki is outside the Sindar ruins that act as your HQ. You'll recognize
her from past Suikoden's, and she'll teleport you to Raftfleet once she joins.
From then on, she is used at the teleporter for fast travel. That said, she's
also one of the top magicians in the game.

28/108 - Zerase

War - Star Magic

Unite - Pride of Magic (Levi), Conceit (Cathari/Isabel)

Notes - You'll meet her in a few places, like Rainwall, but you can't get her
until later. Zerase joins you automatically when you go up to the tablet room
with Zweig right after acquiring the HQ. She acts as your Tutor until you get
Levi. Her Star Rune and overall magical ability make her one of the top 5
usable charactes in the entire game.

29/108 - Toma

War - Survive

Notes - Toma follows you around before Lordlake is restored but doesn't join
until you first visit the restored Lordlake. He is utterly useless, more or
less he's another Lordlake ambassador for your army.

30/108 - Talgeyl

War - Earth Magic

Notes - Talgeyl joins automatically at the restored Lordlake.

31/108 - Silva

War - Medicine

Notes - Silva also joins automatically and acts as one of the two medics (with
Murad) at the HQ.

32/108 - Goesch

War - Charge

Unite - Endless Blows (Yahr)

Notes - Goesch joins you automatically at the restored Lordlake. He is also the
farmer of the HQ.

33/108 - Muroon (optional)

War - Gnaw

Unite - Beaver Rush (Miroon, Moroon, Maroon, Meroon)

Notes - Muroon will aid you in taking out the dam preventing water from
reaching Lordlake. Then he (she?) is at the HQ by the docks, where Muroon will
join you if you ask.

War - Charge

Notes - Wilhelm first fights with you with the Barows. If you bring a pretty
girl (Viki for example) to him and Mueller at the Raftfleet Inn after the HQ is
acquired, he will join you.

35/108 - Mueller (optional)

War - Charge

Notes - Mueller is with Wilhelm and will join with him at the Raftfleet Inn.
Like Wilhelm, he is only available in War situations, although the two of them
are two of the best cavalry fighters you can choose from.

36/108 - Subala (optional)

War - Charge

Unite - Petty Rivals (Lun)

Notes - After getting the HQ, go to Raftfleet with Lun in your party. Subala
will challenge you to a fishing contest, one that took me a few times to win.
Once you do win though, she'll join you. Also note that you can make a decent
amount of money from all the ? pots you'll find.


37/108 - Zunda (optional)

War - Shortcut

Notes - Zunda is hard to spot. She is hiding behind another dwarf northeast of
the blacksmith, after climbing the ladder. She'll talk about windows so bring
her (with Takamu) to Lunas and enter the first room in the master mansion.
She'll join you then and will take your Window Settings that you come across.


38/108 - Marina (optional)

War - Rest

Notes - You meet Marina in Stormfist but cannot recruit her until after you get
the HQ. She'll be at Yashuna with Belcoot, and when she is turned down for a
job at the Inn offer her a place at your HQ. She'll join with Belcoot and will
run your Inn.


39/108 - Belcoot (optional)

War - Charge

Unite - Crowd Favorites (Zegai/Shoon), Sword Master (Dinn)

Notes - Belcoot joins after Marina at Yashuna Inn. You'll use him for a short
period at Stormfist and will realize his brilliance then. He's far and away one
of the top fighters in the game and his Falcon Rune is dominant.


40/108 - Alhazred (optional)

War - Earth Magic

Unite - Shining Scalp (Isato/Wabon)

Notes - Alhazred takes a few steps to get. First of all, you'll find him at
Rainwall, going off about tomes. Next, when you get your HQ go to Miroon's hot
spring Inn and check the upstairs rooms to find a fortune teller (Euram Barows)
who will give you a mysterious book. Return to your HQ and give it to Chuck and
then sleep at your Inn. Talk to Chuck again and he'll give you the book back,
so take it back and leave it with the maid at the hot springs Inn in Yashuna.
Now, go to Estrise to find Alhazred just north of the entrance and he'll say
that you must go deal with that book now. He joins and then return to Yashuna.
Now at the hot springs Inn you'll have to help Alhazred fight the book and when
it is over ask him to join permanently. If you don't he'll be in Estrise.


41/108 - Richard (optional)

War - Charge

Unite - Pretty Boy (Nick/Roy), Sword Sage (Hazuki)

Notes - Richard is at the Waterfall Basin that is southeast of the Beaver's
Lodge. Go through until the end, the same spot where you find Genoh (further
below) and you should see Richard. He won't join right away but he'll mention
Mueller. If you recruited Mueller (you should have) then talk to him at your HQ
Inn. He'll have some information to relay to Richard so go back to the
Waterfall Basin and Richard should join you at this point. It is widely
regarded that Richard is THE best fighter in the game, although I don't use him
ever. Too much parrying and countering, makes it too easy. If he's built up, he
won't even get hit, and his Swallow Rune (!) is good as well. But if you're
looking for a fighter that will rival Georg and Belcoot, Richard is that guy.


42/108 - Genoh (optional)

Unite - Oops! (Viki)

Notes - Genoh is a classic. You'll need to talk to Fuwalafuwalu (or another
beaver if you wait too long) to hear about Genoh. You'll have to talk to Fuwala
several times, too. Eventually he'll bring up Genoh, and he is at the same spot
Richard is (well, the same screen. You need to walk on those rocks to your east
to get Genoh to come from under the waterfall). However you must have an elder
character in your party and that character must be up to speed in relation to
the Prince's level (up to speed constitutes being no lower than 1 level beneath
the Prince). Alhazred is the only available old person currently but later on
Levi works as well. Still, bring Alhazred to Genoh and he'll be pleased that
you use older characters and will join you.


43/108 - Sorensen (optional)

War - Catapult

Unite - Shoot and Smash (Lu)

Notes - Sorensen works with Babbage and Lu in eastern Estrise. After you
acquire the HQ, go talk to both of them several times and return to your HQ.
Have Logg bring you to the Eastern Wharf, where you can walk northeast to the
Revolving Bridge. Talk to the guy here and then return to Estrise. Take the
three with you to the Revolving Bridge via Logg and you'll enter. After going
through the area and defeating the Differential Gear, return to Estrise and
talk to Sorensen to have him join you.


44/108 - Bastan (optional)

Entourage Ability - Appraisal

Notes - Bastan is in northeast Haud Village, at the Appraisal Shop. Generally
he is easiest to recruit about the Revolving Bridge area, as you'll gain
several ? Paintings there. Take one of them to Bastan and have him check it out
and he'll join eventually. If none of this comes up and you have the ?
Painting, just keep talking to him and eventually he'll bring up the dialog
window instead of the shop window.


45/108 - Wasil

War - Barrage

Notes - Wasil is the buffer between the HQ and Lelcar. After you defend the
town despite the fire, he'll join you with Volga and Orok.


46/108 - Volga

War - Charge

Notes - Volga will join you after the battle of Lelcar.


47/108 - Orok

War - Muddle

Notes - Orok is the former-corrupt leader of a faction in Lelcar, but later
shows his loyalty for the town and also joins you after the battle of Lelcar.


48/108 - Mohsen (optional)

War -

Entourage Ability - Trade In

Notes - Mohsen is loyal to the Godwins, until you buy a certain amount from
him. I've heard various answers, but I bought about 50,000 worth and got him so
I would suggest saving your money and getting good armor from him. If you don't
buy enough at his Lelcar shop before it burns down (which I didn't), he'll be
back at Doraat where he will stay until you buy enough armor from him.


49/108 - Taylor (optional)

War - Rumor

Entourage Ability - Analyze

Notes - You'll meet Taylor when you first get your HQ, and after the Lelcar
battle he'll be outside the Inn and asks to conduct an interview. Allow him to
do this and you should find him next outside the Sealed Room and in front of
Georg's room. After you allow him to do it outside of Georg's room he will join


50/108 - Nikea (optional)

War - Charge

Unite - Sacred Greenhorn (Gavaya), Speak with Fists (Shoon)

Notes - You'll find Nikea at Stormfist and Lelcar. After the Lelcar battle,
she'll be at the Inn in Estrise. Ask her to join and you'll duel her, and once
you win (not too hard) she'll join you.


51/108 - Linfa (optional)

War - Muddle

Entourage Ability - Escape Route

Notes - Initially you will meet Linfa at the Estrise Inn, where you should
accept her challenge to her game, but alas you are cheated essentially. You'll
see her again in Yashuna, where she'll at least give you back the 2000 potch.
Fortunately once you finish up the Lelcar battle you'll find her at Raftfleet
where you can challenge her and she'll join regardless, although you'll lose
money if you lose to her.


52/108 - Murad (optional)

War - Medicine

Entourage Ability - Treatment

Notes - Murad is another often-missed character. You'll find him at several
locations after the town has been victimized by war. Evidently you only have to
talk to him three times but I got him at the fourth town he visits (Lelcar). In
order, they are Rainwall, Raftfleet (after the war), Lordlake, Lelcar (after
the battle), Beaver Lodge, Sabe. If you don't get him at Sable, he'll be gone.


53/108 - Jeane (optional)

War -

Unite - Kiss Goodbye (Sialeeds/Nelis), Kiss Goodnight (Sharmista/Nelis)

Notes - You'll meet Jeane as early as Sol-Falena, but after you've finished the
battle of Lelcar and after you've talked to the guard at the Big Hole, she'll
be at the Lelcar rune shop where you can assist her. She needs to go into the
Big Hole and once you take her all the way through, she'll join your cause. She
is one of the most powerful rune users you can get so be sure to use her.


54/108 - Dongo (optional)

War - Shortcut

Entourage Ability - Forge

Notes - You'll need to have the Silver Hammer (treasure by the Armor Shop in
Sable) and you'll have to give it to Dongo, who can sharpen your weapon to
level 12. After you've sharpened one character's weapon to level 12, he will
join you.


55/108 - Dinn

War - Charge

Unite - Fancy Lad (Rahal/Mathias), Sword Master (Belcoot)

Notes - Dinn will be a regular in your war battles as early as the Barows
battle. However he won't join you until after the Sable bandit liberation.


56/108 - Roy

War - Charge

Unite - Pretty Bog (Nick/Richard), Perfect Likeness (Prince)

Notes - Roy is the prince-like bandit in Sable. He joins you automatically
after the events, but later on in the story he can die and prevent you from
getting the 108. For more details look at the later sections of the walkthrough
that relate to Roy.


57/108 - Faylen

War - Charge

Unite - Brotherly Love (Faylon), Pretty Girl (Viki/Norma), Teen Rebellion

Notes - Faylen joins with Faylon after you release them at Sable, otherwise you
have to get them at the Bandits Hideout at Ranro Mountain.


58/108 - Faylon

War - Charge

Unite - Brotherly Love (Faylen)

Notes - Faylon will join you with Roy at Sable if you choose the first option
and release them. If not they'll be at the Bandit Hideout in Ranro Mountain
again, where you will have to aid them and bring them to Sable where they will
then join you. Be smart and just pick the right choice the first time.


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