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59/108 - Nakula (optional)

War - Charge

Notes - Nakula is another often-missed character. You'll find him first at the
Sable Inn, passed out. After the Ranro Mountain and Sable liberation stuff,
check back with him and he'll be up. Whenever you do talk to him and he's up,
go to Oboro and have him investigate it. He'll join you and when you go see
Nakula, both Nakula and Sagiri will join you.


60/108 - Sagiri (optional)

War - Ambush

Unite - Fugitive Hunt (Raven/Shigure), Case Closed (Shigure)

Notes - Sagiri joins with Nakula (read above).


61/108 - Fuwalafuwalu

War - Water Magic

Notes - Fuwalafuwalu is the head of the Beaver Lodge and he will join you
automatically after the Beaver Lodge fire.


62/108 - Maroon

War - Gnaw

Unite - Beaver Rush (Muroon/Moroon/Meroon/Miroon)


63/108 - Isabel (optional)

War - Charge

Unite - Maximillian (Mathias), Conceit (Cathari/Zerase)

Notes - After the Beaver Lodge attack, go to Estrise with 3 or less characters
and head toward Babbage's Lab and the two of them will come by. Agree to help
them and you'll go to Haud. Euram will have tried to set you up but Mathias and
Isabel won't fight for him. Instead you'll fight some Euram guards and after he
will flee and the two will join.


64/108 - Mathias (optional)

War - Charge (2)

Unite - Maximillian (Isabel), Fancy Lad (Rahal/Dinn)

Notes - Joins with Isabel.


65/108 - Bernadette

War - Water Magic

Unite - Island Storm (Nelis/Yahr)

Notes - She joins automatically when you get to Nirva Island and go on the
lighthouse search.


66/108 - Byakuren (optional)

Unite - Secret Crush (Flail/Miroon)

Notes - Byakuren will be near the hanging bridge each time the HQ advances.
You'll have to fight it and if you win and have Genoh or Levi, it will join


67/108 - Miroon (optional)

War - Rest

Unite - Beaver Rush (Moroon/Muroon/Meroon/Maroon)

Notes - Miroon is at the hot springs Inn at Yashuna, and if you bring Maroon
and Muroon there after the Queen's Coronation, Miroon will ask you to help her
find out what's wrong with the hot springs (they aren't working). You'll have
to go through a cave with tough monsters but in the end she'll join you.


68/108 - Meroon (optional)

War - Rest

Unite - Beaver Rush (Moroon/Muroon/Miroon/Maroon)

Notes - First, get Maroon, Muroon and Miroon. Then, talk to Moroon with the
three of them and he'll say he doesn't believe Beaver Lodge burned down. Now go
to Meroon and she wonders if Moroon knows, so she'll join so you can go see


69/108 - Moroon (optional)

War - Gnaw

Unite - Beaver Rush (Miroon/Maroon/Muroon/Meroon)

Notes - Moroon is the last beaver you get. After you get all four bring them
all to Moroon who is outside of the Baska Mines at the port there. He'll be
stubborn but will eventually join.


70/108 - Retso (optional)

War - Gourmet

Entourage Ability - Cook

Notes - Retso the cook is at Raftfleet and he will ask you about a special fish
that he cannot get his hands on named Sashimi. Talk to Subala to fish and
eventually you will find a "Strange Fish" and Subala will mention something
about it when you quit. Take it to Raftfleet where Retso will cook it up and
join you ultimately, with Shun Min.


71/108 - Shun Min (optional)

War - Gourmet

Entourage Ability - Cook

Notes - Joins with Retso.


72/108 - Babbage (optional)

War - Catapult

Entourage Ability - Treasure Hunt

Notes - Bring Sorensen to the gear room in the expanded HQ (after the Queen's
Coronation) and he'll go nuts about the gears and will tell Babbage in Estrise.
Bring Babbage there and he'll go nuts on it. Unfortunately you'll have to give
them some time and check back later, but when you do Babbage will join you.


73/108 - Lu (optional)

War - Barrage

Unite - Shoot and Smash (Sorensen), Teen Rebellion (Shoon/Faylen)

Notes - After the Babbage events, bring Sorensen back to her at the Babbage
shop in Estrise. She'll have lost an important gear, so look for it for her. It
will be in the southeast area of the room and when you find it she'll join you.


74/108 - Chisato (optional)

War - Muddle

Notes - Chisato is in the Island Nations and you'll see her puppet show when
you go there initially. After the Queen's Coronation bring Bernadette back with
you and visit Chisato, and Chisato will help you with the pirate problem. After
this minor problem she'll join you and will act as your Voice Setting adjuster.


75/108 - Yahr (optional)

War - Charge

Unite - Endless Blows (Goesch), Island Storm (Bernadette/Nelis)

Notes - Before attempting this, note that you must return to your HQ and come
back if you already got Chisato on this visit. Otherwise, take Bernadette and
visit the southwest area of Nirva Island where you'll hear about rune cannons.
Go to the Inn now to talk to Nelis and Yahr. Now attempt to leave via the
port-guy and Nelis and Yahr will ask to go with. You'll enter a Ship Graveyard
area if you search the light on the way back, and this area will lead to a boss
fight. You'll then see 3 pirates sitting on a deck and the boss you just beat
will show up again, and you'll be prompted to choose and you must do this very
fast. The correct answer is the second one and you'll will handle the boss by
doing so. In turn Nelis and Yahr will join you now, otherwise you will have to
get them back at the Nirva Island Inn.


76/108 - Nelis (optional)

War - Barrage

Unite - Island Storm (Bernadette/Yahr), Kiss Goodnight (Sharmista/Jeane), Kiss
Goodbye (Sialeeds/Jeane)

Notes - Joins with Yahr.


77/108 - Miakis

War - Recovery

Unite - Friends Forever (Roog/Rajal), Sworn Protector (Prince), Falena's Finest
(Prince/Lyon/Galleon/Georg/Kyle), Maze of Steel (Georg/Kyle/Galleon)

Notes - Miakis joins automatically after dueling her in Doraat.


78/108 - Levi (optional)

War - Fire Magic

Unite - Pride of Magic (Zerase)

Notes - Levi is in the Big Hole with Bergen, and although you can meet him much
earlier, he won't join you until you finish the Doraat section. After this
section just visit him and they'll join since they know you're around
high-powered magic. Levi, by the way, is one of the top magicians in the entire
game and is also your Tutor at HQ.


79/108 - Bergen (optional)

War - Charge (2)

Unite - Tunnelin' Thru (Wabon/Gunde), Looks Can Kill (Ax/Moroon)

Notes - Joins with Levi.


80/108 - Norma (optional)

War - Recovery (2)

Unite - Beast Tamer (Ernst), Pretty Girl (Faylen/Viki)

Notes - You'll see her and Ernst in several areas, but once you get Levi bring
him to the Raftfleet Inn, where Norma and Ernst will join you after a short


81/108 - Ernst (optional)

War - Recovery (2)

Unite - Beast Tamer (Norma)

Notes - Joins with Norma.


82/108 - Gavaya (optional)

War - Charge

Unite - Sacred Greenhorn (Nikea)

Notes - Gavaya likes girls and will only join if you have Viki, Norma and
Faylen with you.


83/108 - Raven (optional)

War - Muddle

Unite - Fugitive Hunt (Sagiri/Shigure)

Notes - Raven requires you to go to Sable and speak with Solis after Doraat has
fallen. The family tree has been stolen, so speak to Oboro who will know this
is Raven. Go to Egbert at the HQ Inn to get the Egbert family tree and go to
Oboro now. You'll set Raven up, but once you catch him pardon his behavior and
he'll join you.


84/108 - Galleon

War - Charge

Unite - Maze of Steel (Georg/Kyle/Miakis), Falena's Finest

Notes - Galleon will join you automatically after the battle with the queen. He
will attempt to leave your HQ but Silva will convince him otherwise.


85/108 - Haswar (optional)

War - Rest

Notes - Haswar is an important storyline character despite the fact that she is
optional. When you initially get Takamu and go through the Lunas North Woods,
bring Urda to the master mansion to speak about leaving to Isato. Isato will
not leave however. After the Queen's Campaign, go back to Lunas with Urda,
where it will be decided that you're all going to your HQ. Take them all out of
the forest and all three will join.


86/108 - Isato (optional)

War - Barrage

Unite - Shining Scalp (Alhazred/Wabon), Arrow Storm (Urda)

Notes - Joins with Haswar.


87/108 - Urda (optional)

War - Barrage (2)

Unite - Arrow Storm (Isato)

Notes - Joins with Haswar.


88/108 - Eresh (optional) or Euram

War - Lightning Magic

Notes - Eresh is in the Big Hole. You'll get a note about it outside your room,
if you check that letterbox. I've heard you need to read the letter to trigger
Eresh. This is untrue. I just went to the Big Hole and a little north of where
Levi and Bergen are, Eresh was there. She joins after you descend all the way
down and defeat the boss. Also this is VERY important - if you get Eresh you
cannot get Euram, as they are the same star. Likewise, if you get Euram you
will not be able to get Eresh.


89/108 - Hazuki (optional)

War - Charge

Unite - Sword Sage (Richard)

Notes - Hazuki is in Spinacks Harbor, where she is looking for Belcoot. Be sure
to talk to her without Belcoot first, and then bring Belcoot to recruit her.


90/108 - Cathari (optional)

War - Barrage (2)

Unite - Conceit (Zerase/Isabel)

Notes - Cathari is in Hershville and is probably the most commonly missed
character. Talk to the guy in the southwestern part of Port Spinacks and he
will talk about Hershville. Go to the port guy in Spinacks and he will take you
to Hershville if you ask. Go to the northwest part of town to talk to Cathari
and afterwards you'll find her back at Port Spinacks. She'll catch a Nether
Gate assassin behind you and ask to see Lucretia. Bring her to the HQ and talk
to Lucretia with her and she'll join. Note that she has the Godspeed Rune,
which allows you to run anytime you want and your field movement is much more


91/108 - Rania (optional)

Entourage Ability - Bard

Notes - Rania is in her workshop in Sauronix. Bring Miakis there and there'll
be some events so go along and go in and out of the house and ask her to join
afterwards and she will. Rania allows you to change the Sound Settings.


92/108 - Killey (optional)

War - Fire Magic

Unite - Sindar Surge (Lorelai/Zweig), Fate (Georg/Viki/Lorelai)

Notes - Killey is another difficult character to get. Before the Queen's
Campaign, let Killey out of his cell at Agate Prison with Lelei or Cius in your
party. After returning to your HQ you'll see Killey at the entrance and you'll
have a scene with him. Finally, when you're in the Twilight Forest ruins Killey
will show up and join you if you allow him. If you don't pick him up here he'll
be at the final area of the Sindar Ruins outside your HQ.


93/108 - Gunde

War - Charge

Unite - Tunnelin' Thru (Bergen/Wabon)

Notes - Gunde helps you in the Dwarf Camp much earlier than you can get him. He
joins automatically when you arrive at the Twilight Forest via the Dwarf path.


94/108 - Wabon

War - Charge

Unite - Shining Scalp (Isato/Alhazred), Tunnelin' Thru (Gunde/Bergen)

Notes - Joins automatically once you get to the Twilight Forest via the Dwarf


95/108 - Roog

War - Charge

Unite - Friends Forever (Miakis/Rahal), Dragon Cavalry (Rahal/Nick), Scarlet
Charge (Lance)

Notes - Joins automatically after the second Sauronix visit.


96/108 - Rahal

War - Charge

Unite - Friends Forever (Roog/Miakis), Azure Charge (Rahal/Flail), Dragon
Cavalry (Roog/Nick), Fancy Lad (Mathias/Dinn)

Notes - Joins automatically after the second Sauronix visit.


97/108 - Nick

War - Charge

Unite - Pretty Boy (Richard/Roy), Violet Charge (Ax), Dragon Cavalry

Notes - Joins automatically at Gordius if you abandoned your castle. If not
you'll have to bring another 6-person guy team to Gordius to get him and his


98/108 - Yoran

War - Survival

Notes - Joins with Nick


99/108 - Ax

Unite - Stampede (Lance/Flail), Violet Charge (Nick), Looks Can Kill

Notes - Joins with Nick. He's a baby Dragon Horse and he's purple.


100/108 - Georg

War - Charge

Unite - Falena's Finest (Miakis/Kyle/Prince/Galleon/Lyon), Maze of Steel
(Miakis/Galleon/Kyle), Fate (Viki/Killey/Lorelai), Flash of Steel (Kyle)

Notes - Okay, so we all know that Georg is actually one of the first characters
and one of the main characters in Suikoden V. However he doesn't officially
join until after the previously three, in a scene where he cuts off Dolph's
reinforcements in Gordius and turns the tide in the war. He's one of the best
fighters and with his litany of Unite's he should be a solid part of any Falena
party at the end of the game.


101/108 - Craig

War - Charge

Notes - Joins automatically after Gordius is finished.


102/108 - Lance

Unite - Scarlet Charge (Roog), Stampede (Ax/Flail)

Notes - Joins automatically with Craig after Gordius.


103/108 - Flail

Unite - Azure Charge (Rahal), Stampede (Ax/Lance), Secret Crush

Notes - Joins automatically with the rest of the Sauronix members.


104/108 - Haleth (optional)

War - Muddle

Entourage Ability - Haggle

Notes - Haleth is the last optional character to recruit (unless you want to
get Euram). You can get him after you recapture the HQ. Go to Hershville and
talk to the guy at the Administration office several times. This is Haleth. Now
return to your HQ and go to the bar to see Logg getting yelled at by Kisara as
she has suspicions of illegal business being done by Logg. Return to Hershville
once more and go into the building two doors south from the Armor Shop. Inside
you'll find Haleth and Logg being jokers and trading illegal goods. You'll find
out he's actually a good guy who favors you. They then leave so you should
return to the HQ and then go back to Hershville a third time. At the
Administrations office talk to the guy who was standing right in front where
Haleth was. You'll hear they found out about his illegal trading so he left.
Back at the bar you'll find him where you can recruit him.


105/108 - Shula

War - Charge

Notes - After retaking Sable or Doraat you'll see him at the Great Hot Springs
Inn with Nisfara and Sharmista. He'll say all along that Armes wanted your army
to win and he'll join you along with the other two.


106/108 - Nifsara

War - Charge

Unite - Armes Greeting (Sharmista)

Notes - Joins with Shula


107/108 - Sharmista

War - Charge

Unite - Armes Greeting (Nifsara), Kiss Goodnight (Jeane/Nelis)

Notes - Joins with Shula.


108/108 - Shoon

War - Charge

Unite - Crowd Favorites (Belcoot/Zegai), Speak with Fists (Nikea), Teen
Rebellion (Lu/Faylen)

Notes - Shoon is one of the first characters you meet and you duel him,
actually. However he is a gladiator so he is stuck in Stormfist until you
liberate it. Actually, while you are attacking during war his unit will join

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