Sumvision Cyclone Primus

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I bought one of these about a week ago. After having an older MKV2 Adapter, I figured I'd stick to Sumvision, as they seemed to build quite good products.
I can't say the same for the Primus, though. I expected the Primus to do what the MKV2 Adapter did... but it doesn't.

Looking back at the MKV2, so much has been changed or stripped from the Primus. For instance:

There's no Options for the videos (rename, delete, sort etc)
There's no video preview
The Setup menu is as bare as anything
The folders don't display contents in alphabetical / numerical order
The menus are slower to load and display contents
Some MKVs won't play at all
The instruction manual lies about some of the features (Options / Setup button does NOT provide video options)
The Setup and Options buttons take you to the exact same screen
The remote control has less features

And these are what I found after only 1 week. I know this is only a cheap, budget device, but why has so much been taken away? This is what made the MKV2 so good. I did everything you wanted it to.
The Primus jut takes all that was good and throws it away.

Due to these issues, I can't recommend this player to anyone, at least until this gets sorted with firmware. So far, this was a waste of my money.

Now, I don't know if I've been unlucky here and just managed to get one that was faulty or different to what they're supposed to be, so maybe others can help me out here.

So for now, I'd recommend the older MKV players.
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