Sunflyfootball conman trying to exploit genuine sellers

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Sunflyfootball - BEWARE DO NOT DEAL WITH!!!!!

 This guy is trying to exploit new ebay policy where seller is no longer able to leave negative comment about ebay member purchasing their items.What he did he purchased one of my items and once he received the item he told me that I should now send him another 12. My reply was that he received exactly what picture was showing and exaclty to my auction description.  I went through standard ebay procedure and offered him full refund if the item he received was unsatisfactory. He replied that he would keep the item (normally unhappy buyers just return items for refund) and he started sending me threats for a few days.I realised that he wasn't complaining about the item but trying to obtain extra items for free. When I refused to send him more items he then left me negative feedback (NOW REMOVED BY EBAY). He may be doing the same to other sellers and because they are no longer able to leave him negative feedback he remains unpunished.  Surely its time that ebay did something to stop this, ebay members should be made to go through somekind of ebay dispute if they have a problem before been able to leave feedback this will stop these cheats. If this continues this market place will become full of false feedbacks and inturn normal buyers would buy from unsafe smaller sellers instead of professional experienced sellers and in turn more buyers will fall pray to scam sellers. If you agree that something should be done to make ebay a safer place please vote now ! ! !

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