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Superbit was introduced by Sony as a marketing tool.....They hoped it would encourage sales amongst real film fans who want better quality release's......Most DVD's originally had some sort of filtering done to them which resulted in the higher frequencies being filtered out which resulted in a softness to the image but what the Superbit range did was preserve these high frequencies.....No filtering meant a higher image quality.....No extra's are usually the norm for Superbit but some editions have a second disc full of extra's.

Spiderman Superbit Edition had a Tobey Maguire commentary track which is the first and only time an extra had been added to the Superbit range.  Please also be aware that only Columbia/Sony titles form the Superbit range and that the rights to certain movies differ in America, Europe and Japan thus you do sometimes get Superbit titles from Japan that were never available elsewhere in the world....Japanese Superbit DVD's will contain Japanese subtitles and NEVER contain chinese or Korean subtitles so buyer beware and often Superbit titles will be encoded for more than one region. 

You can check on and it will tell you who distributed the title and thus you can work out if it's a fake Superbit or a real Columbia/Sony release.

With the advent of high definition media upon us the Superbit range is no longer needed and there are no new releases.

Please be aware that Superbit titles are NOT better than releases which come from other studio' is at the end of the day a marketing term.....The quality though is usually high and all titles in the Superbit range contain DTS soundtracks although these are half bitrate tracks.

In summing up this article i would recommend buying the Superbit version of any Sony release.

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