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CPS2 consists of a main motherboard (the A board), the games are sold separately as a B board which connects with a compatible (motherboard) A board. Both the A and B boards are colour coded for a specific language/area. Blue ones in English (US & Europe), green in Japanese and grey in (Asia).

SUICIDE BATTERY. CPS2 games have a battery (Suicide battery) the average life span of this battery is around five to six years when it dies - the game is unusable (unless you send the board to the company Capcom to fix). CPS-2 boards sometimes have had the roms reprogrammed with unencrypted versions so they never have battery problems again or simply have the suicide battery removed. 

The supergun is compatible with Neo-Geo slot one motherboards (mvs) that have a Neo-Geo controller input. Example: plug the supergun (with supergun control pads attached) into the Neo-Geo motherboard then plug the Neo-Geo controller into the motherboard as well. 

If you buy a PCB arcade board that does not have a jamma output (Capcom; Namco, Taito; Sega System 16), you can buy an adapter to run the games on the supergun, example; conversion class: Capcom Classic - Ghosts 'n Goblins, Gun Smoke; Commando.
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