Supersize Your Sales with eBay MyWorld

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There’s been a lot of buzz on the eBay discussion forums about the new “My World” pages. Will the new format replace “About Me?” (so far, no); is it a genuine enhancement (I think, yes!).

I like the My World concept. Think of it as a brochure for your buyers – including potential buyers and repeat buyers. In the “old days” (as my younger siblings call the unimaginable pre-cell phone era), every business needed a brochure. I remember, when I started a business in the early 1990s, our biggest concern was coming up with a brochure that we could hand out at conferences, mail to interested parties, and just have available when someone asked, “What do you do?”

Sellers: This is a great opportunity for you! Use your My World page just like an old-fashioned brochure. The best news is that there are no printing costs, no design fees, and you can make immediate changes as the scope of what you sell expands.

Let’s say you sell antiques. Give your buyers the assurance that you know your stuff! Include a photo of you in a library, researching the authenticity of what you are selling. Add a note to your bio about how your history degree makes you exceptionally qualified to understand the historical value of a particular item. Include images that convey a sense of authority and continuity. Have you got some old sepia-toned photos in your family photo album? This is a good time to scan them and add them to your “My World” page. You don’t have to limit your material to what you are selling. Remember: you are creating an image for your online business.

Here’s another example. If you sell art products, enhance your “My World” page with a blog about upcoming art events. This lets your buyers know that you are an expert in your field, and worthy of their repeat business. Start with an Internet search for “art exhibits” or “art reviews” and you are on your way.

I think that this is a great time to jump on the “My World” bandwagon. Use your “My World” http address on your business cards and package inserts when you ship items and keep those buyers coming back for more!

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