Supreme X North Face Leopard Jacket HOW TO SPOT FAKES

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How to spot fakes supreme north face jackets

A) Does it have a Registered [R] Logo on the Right sleeve? It should have one on the bottom left of "The North Face" logo and another one on the bottom Right Of the "Supreme" box. No R logo - FAKE

B) Does it say "700" in white on the sleeves? Its hard to miss, if it doesnt say "700". No 700 - FAKE

C) Open the jacket or look at photos on the inside of the jacket, does it say "R" Registered logo on the badges on the inside of the jacket? It should be the same as in A)...No "R" logo - FAKE

D) Check the outside pocket zips, they should be red, If the two outside pocket zips read "The North Face" in white - THE JACKETS FAKE

E) Check the tags, is the tag a simple red box reading "Supreme" on the inside of the jacket and attatched by a little transparent plastic loop, if so, its FAKE.
It should be a thick cardboard, "The North Face" tag on the outside left pocket. It should have the size & barcodes ETC, NOT JUST A SUPREME LOGO

F) If the jacket is reflective/shiny material - Then its FAKE - Also make sure that the jacket doesnt look "slim", it should be puffy like a michelin mans belly.

G) If the inside zip pocket doesnt have a red zip on the inside zip pocket (left) then its FAKE. Genuine jackets have a red blank tag attatched.

H) If the stitching around the North Face logo (ON THE FRONT) looks like the threads are connected (the letter N-O-R-T-H has very thin tiny white links between the letters) then the stitching is low quality which means its FAKE cause The North Face doesnt screw up like that...

This should cover any problems. Please check all 8 Reasons - if even ONE is out of match then its FAKE
If you are worried about buying a north face jacket as you think that it might be fake don't hesitate to message me.
Also real jackets generally don't sell for less than 600, if someone lists a jacket for around £150 it will certainly be fake unless it has defects.


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