Suzuki Motorcycle Fairings Buying Guide

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Suzuki Motorcycle Fairings Buying Guide

Nothing screams style and speed to a motorcycle owner like a fairing. A fairing not only adds to the appearance of a Suzuki motorcycle, but it also adds to both comfort and performance. In its simplest form, a fairing is a simple shell that sits over the front of a motorcycle to direct airflow smoothly around the motorcycle while it is in motion. Fairings generally cover the headlight, much of the handlebars, and the front of the rider's legs. Many fairings also include a windscreen, as well.

While many Suzuki motorcycles do come with fairings from the dealership, others do not. However, almost any Suzuki motorcycle can be fitted for a fairing if the owner desires. The key to getting the right fairing is understanding what the fairing does for the rider and the motorcycle and matching that understanding to each individual owner's situation. With the right knowledge, what may initially appear to be a daunting choice turns into an easy purchase.

History of Motorcycle Fairings

Interest in motorcycle aerodynamics goes back to some of the earliest days of riding with the first attempts at streamlining occurring in the 1920s. These earliest attempts were originally limited primarily to racing and record-setting motorcycles, but they led to a general understanding and belief in the benefits of aerodynamics. Unfortunately, limited understanding of aerodynamics and weight balancing meant that many of the early fairings had significant drawbacks that created issues with both handling and instability.

These early fairings were made by third parties and were designed to be attached to the frames of motorcycles. One of the earliest brands was Avon, which was made in the UK to fit a variety of motorcycles. Fairings took a big step forward in 1966 when Craig Vetter introduced his designs in the United States. His fairings proved so influential that they led to the introduction of the first motorcycles that came with original equipment fairings straight from the factory. It started with BMW in 1976, but it was not long before all the motorcycle companies, including Suzuki, were making their own fairings for their motorcycles.

Benefits of Suzuki Motorcycle Fairings

Fairings provide a number of benefits to the rider of any Suzuki motorcycle. One of the most important benefits is improved fuel economy, especially when cruising at high speeds. Aerodynamic drag is one of the biggest culprits of fuel consumption for any kind of vehicle, and the faster a vehicle travels, the more power and fuel it needs to overcome drag and maintain the same speed. Not only does a fairing improve fuel economy by reducing drag, but it also helps extend the life of the motorcycle engine by enabling the use of taller gearing. Fairings do add weight and increase the frontal area of the motorcycle, but the weight increase is minimal, and, in many cases, the frontal area only goes up by five per cent, which is also minimal.

Another major benefit of using a fairing is protection from the elements. The faster a motorcycle goes, the more the rider is exposed to the elements. Using a fairing means that the worst of the wind and rain is diverted around the rider. This not only makes for a more comfortable ride, but it is also less tiring for the rider if he or she does not have to use physical strength to fight the elements. This means riders can travel for greater distances and arrive at their destinations less tired. In either case, it counts as a win for any rider, especially if the Suzuki motorcycle is used a lot throughout the year.

Finally, the third major benefit has to do with accident survivability. Adding a fairing reduces the chance of injury and motorcycle damage due to a motorcycle accident. Essentially, the fairing absorbs some of the impact and diverts energy that would otherwise go into the motorcycle or rider.

Choosing the Right Suzuki Motorcycle Fairings

There are several factors that should be considered before looking for a Suzuki motorcycle fairing. The first thing any prospective buyer should do is take the time to determine the relevant dimensions of the motorcycle so that it can be easily determined if a given fairing is right for a particular Suzuki or not. A buyer does not want to purchase what appears to be the perfect fairing only to find out after the fact that it does not fit the motorcycle.

Another major factor for all buyers to consider is budget. Setting a budget not only helps the rider narrow the search down from the very beginning, but it also helps the rider maintain control of the experience. The best purchase decision is an informed and rational decision, and anything that provides knowledge and control is a benefit.

Original Equipment or Third-Party Fairings

One of the first questions a prospective buyer should consider is whether he or she wants to purchase an original equipment Suzuki motorcycle fairing or whether a third-party fairing made by another manufacturer is acceptable. The big advantage of going with the Suzuki motorcycle fairing is that it is the simplest option. The fact that the fairing was specifically designed by people who have full access to all the specifications, plans, and design documents for a particular Suzuki model makes it easier to ensure full compatibility. Stock fairings are always the safest choice, but they provide the fewest options and may sometimes be expensive or difficult to find, depending on the specific model of Suzuki motorcycle.

Third-party fairings are designed by companies other than Suzuki to fit on Suzuki motorcycles. These companies offer a wider range of options and price points, but it may take more effort to find the right fairing. Many of these fairings are designed to fit on a variety of motorcycles, which means they may require some adjustment to fit on some models. They may not fit as well as original factory fairings, but many make up for this by offering additional features that factory fairings lack. Another key factor is price. Some high-end, third-party Suzuki motorcycle fairings are still quite expensive, but others can be extremely compatible with even the tightest budget.

New or Used Suzuki Motorcycle Fairings

Buyers should also consider whether they want to look at new or used Suzuki motorcycle fairings. New fairings are the simplest choice, and they offer the security of knowing exactly what is in the box, complete with warranty. The whole principle behind mass production is that any new item is the same condition as all the other items on the shelf, and buying new is a way to buy with confidence. Depending on the motorcycle and fairing in question, new examples may be either expensive or hard to find, but they are generally the easy and safe choice.

Used Suzuki motorcycle fairings can make an excellent alternative. The biggest advantages of buying used are lower prices that are easier on the budget and availability. In some cases, especially when dealing with older motorcycles or discontinued fairings, buying used may be the only way to obtain a specific fairing. However, buying used adds an extra layer of research to the purchase, because every used item is unique. Instead of simply researching a model of fairing, a buyer has to research the individual fairing and its current condition before purchasing. It takes more time, but it is often worth the effort.

Buying Suzuki Motorcycle Fairings on eBay

One of the best places to buy a new or used Suzuki motorcycle fairing is eBay. The site offers a wide variety of fairings to meet any budget. All you need to do is type your needs into the search box, and eBay does the hard part by searching through all the listings. Once you have some results you can use, the filters on the results page can help you further narrow the results to only include those that will fit your Suzuki motorcycle. You can filter by make, price, and even seller location. With the less suitable results eliminated, you can use the sort function to ensure the ones you are most interested in are at the top of your screen.

After you know which fairings you want to consider, the next step is to evaluate the various sellers. The best way to do that is to check out the sellers' profile pages, where you can see everything from their feedback to their location. You can also see if any of the sellers offer to bundle other accessories with the fairings and if they allow local buyers to pick up their fairings in person in order to avoid shipping charges.


Fairings do far more than improve the appearance of Suzuki motorcycles. Whether a person simply needs to replace an original factory fairing with another one just like it or wants to go all out with a fairing that customises a motorcycle, there is a fairing for the job. Perhaps the biggest advantage to using a fairing on a motorcycle is that it greatly improves the motorcycle's fuel economy, especially at high speeds. In addition, it also keeps the worst of the weather away from the driver, which leads to a more comfortable and less tiring ride.

Original equipment Suzuki fairings are often available, as are third-party fairings from specialty manufacturers. Those who are dealing with tight budgets can also choose used fairings instead of new ones. Finally, a fairing provides an extra layer of protection in case of accidents. Whatever the needs of a given buyer might be, a Suzuki motorcycle fairing is available to meet them.

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