Swaddleaze..get some sleep!

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I first came across Swaddleaze when searching the internet after another sleepless night with my baby. He had a strong startle reflex and kept waking himself up, and neither of us were getting any sleep.

I came across Swaddleaze on an American website, and after reading all the testimonials on how it helped babies get some sleep I ordered one. The result was brilliant. My son slept for hours that night and seemed to feel much more secure when he was swaddled. When he was older I had the option of letting his arms become free and wrapped the Swaddleaze around his tummy so it could be used as a sleeping bag. I thought this was such a good idea I spoke with the inventor (who was also a mum) and decided to be the first person to bring it to the UK.

Now I love hearing from other Mums in the UK about how Swaddleaze has helped their babies get some sleep. They come in sizes from preemie baby right up to infant at 6 months old. Now we will have lightweight Swaddleaze for the summer too, for the warmer weather. I'm so glad I came across Swaddleaze that night!

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