Swarovski Crystals - How do you know they are genuine?

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Swarovski Crystals - How do you know they are genuine?

By Angel's Jewels - Personalised Jewellery and gift items for adults and children

Swarovski is a well established brand and very popular amongst jewellery fans and jewellery makers. Their products are elegant and the crystals are by far the highest quality machine cut and polished crystal beads in the world. It is no surprise that many imitators have flooded the market with cheap imitations. Sometimes they don't even know about it themselves. Many stores even use the well known Swan logo and sell their products as Swarovski Elements / Crystals. Unfortunately, this is no guaranty for authenticity. So what do you have to look out for when purchasing genuine Swarovski crystals? 

First of all they are usually not strung together. You will find them in bulk and their packages will range from about 10 gross to 1/2 gross. They will usually come in well branded and sealed envelopes. Another thing to look out for is an authenticated silver toned hologram that says 'crystallized', however this only applies to items purchased directly from Swarovski itself.

Swarovski crystals are absolutely identical in shape, size and colour. They are machine cut and the light reflection is calculated by computers to deliver beautiful sparkle and clarity in each crystal. Imitations will never be completely identical. The dimensions might vary and a fake bead would always be out-sparkled by a genuine Swarovski crystal. Genuine crystals should also show the exact same colour with each purchase. Swarovski offers a fantastic colour selection for all their crystals. The purpose is to be able to match a crystal in colour even in 10 years time.

Genuine Swarovski crystals will have no swirl marks or scratches on the surface due to a special coating called Aurora Boreale (AB). This AB coating gives the beautiful rainbow effect on each crystal. Fakes will show a less uniform coating. The colour and sparkle might wear off very quickly in those items. You will also notice that facets of imitations will not meet at a single point which is the reason for much less sparkle in those fake beads. Genuine crystals will also never show bubbles inside the beads.

Swarovski crystals weigh more than fake glass crystals. However, this might be hard to tell when they have been used as components within a jewellery item.

We hope this article was helpful and will assist you to identify and appreciate genuine Swarovski crystals in your jewellery items.
Always be sure to buy your Swarovski crystals from a reputable Swarovski distributor. Low cost beads from some foreign countries might be appealing because of low pricing but you can never be disappointed by the beautiful sparkle of a genuine Swarovski crystal.

We at  Angel's Jewels are only using reputable suppliers to ensure high quality and authenticity with each product. Feel free to check out our beautiful creations in store.

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