Swimming Pool Spring Opening Tips

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  1. Remove winter debris pool cover then clean. Remove loose debris with a hose or clean off more stubborn dirt with a specialist cover cleaner and a hard brush. This will ensure that mould staining and malodours are not a problem next winter.
  2. Clean the Surrounds. hard brushing with water may suffice. Use a solution of Spring Wash for scale removal and extra colour restoration
  3. Brush Pool Walls. Use a pool brush to detach any wall-clinging debris.
  4. Check Circulation System (Pump & Filter). Filtration media (usually sand) benefits from periodic changing at least every three years. Clean annually to remove grease and oil with a filter cleaner. Weekly backwashing during use will also improve the system. Now is a good time to consider what to do. Speak to your swimming pool retailer for advisse and make sure they are ISPE qualified (Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers)
  5. Superchlorinate/Oxidise. Depending on the state of the pool, and how effective your winterisation treatments have been, shock the pool appropriately with the filter system on.
  6. Test Your Water Balance. You will need to test for: pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness using an accurate testing kit. Ask a qualified ISPE advisor for more information.
  7. Clean the Waterline. Use Tiler and Liner Cleaner to eliminate grease bands and tide marks.
  8. Ensure Testing Equipment/Reagents Work. Check stock and quality of all your test tablets to ensure pH, chlorine and total alkalinity work properly and accurately.
  9. Buy Your Chemicals. Ensure that you have sufficient chemicals to cope with tinitial chemical dosages and ongoing use at the beginning of the new season.
  10. Enjoy Your Swimming Season! :-)
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