Switchlock to help prevent switches being accidentally turned off

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Switch lock in action

Help stop switches being turned on or off

Switch lock, a switch guard that works

Switch lock is a switch guard that makes accidentally turning appliances on or off a thing of the past. Installed in seconds the switch lock covers the switch on sockets or light switches with a strong plastic cover that prevents them from being accidentally switched on or off.

The switch lock has two holes in it and is supplied with a wooden dabber that can be used to poke through the holes to turn the switch on or off if you want to. But the days of accidentally knocking a switch off or on are behind you once the switch lock is installed.

Ideal for freezers, computers, medical equipment etc.

Help stop children turning switches on that you want to stay turned off.  Help stop children turning switches off that you want to stay turned on.

We can all think of examples where there are switches that we don't want to get switched accidentally: the freezer, the computer, the sky box and, on a more serious note, any piece of medical equipment that we might have in the house.

Switchlock in an unobtrusive and wholly effective method of achieving that security.  Moreover, the ingenious design means that, if there really is a need to switch a switch on or off where a switchlock is fitted, that is easily possible.
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