Synchronising a remote locking fob to your Vauxhall.

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Another common question we get is how to synchronise a remote locking fob to your car.  Well here's a quick guide to explain.

Q:  How do I synchronise my remote fob to my Vauxhall?

Do not confuse this with programming a remote fob to your car. The remote fob needs to be programmed to your car by a reputable auto electrician, specialist garage or main Vauxhall dealer.  There are a lot of sellers on eBay offering you the guide to programming your for a mere £1 or £2, but this isn't going to help you and you'll waste your money.  The fob CANNOT be programmed to your Vauxhall without specialist equipment.

However, once programmed to your car though, it can be synchronised as many times as is needed ans we'll explain how.

There are minor variations amongst different Vauxhall's.  Some use the interior light to flash when complete, others use the alarm switch on the dashboard, but all follow the same principles.

Insert your ignition key and turn it to position II.  The instrument lights will come on.  The car is now in synchronisation mode for approx 10 seconds.  During this period, press the open button, then the lock button on your fob in turn and repeat until the locks open and close as they should.  Once the locks operate, the fob is synchronised.  As before, some cars will also acknowledge by flashing the interior lights a couple of times or similar.  All will lock and unlock the car once completed.

That's it - job done.

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