T-Mobile PAYG Web'n Walk SIMs

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Any UK T-Mobile PAYG SIM can be used for Web'n Walk. If you use the SIM in a handset you can use the £1 per day charge with a 1GB max data per calendar month. If you want more data or to use the SIM with a PC,  ring customer services and convert the SIM to a PAYG Web'n Walk Plus SIM. This allows up to 3GB per calendar month usage with a charge of £2 (was £4) for each day the SIM is used. Note that you get charged £2 if the SIM is used at all on that day.T-Mobile are usually giving away SIMs so there is no reason to buy an expensive one on eBay. Also note that T-Mobile doesn't have 3G SIMs all SIMs work with 2G, 3G or HSDPA services, and currently T-Mobile are working with "3" to share the 3G/HSDPA network, so when you check coverage for 3G/HSDPA check both T-Mobile and "3" coverage maps. With the merger of the UK T-Mobile and Orange networks the "3" network sharing may be in doubt but a consolidation of the T-Mobile and Orange networks is expected. All the SIM stuff still applies until Orange has its way.
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