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Tanzanite is a very beautiful gemstone and comes in a varied assortment of  hues.

Before buying it is important to look at the sellers feeback. If they have a negative or a neutral read what it says. Sometimes you get very good sellers who have an unfortunate experience with a buyer and the comment is unjust. So look through the site and see what the larger majority of customers say about their purchases before making a snap decision.

When buying your Tanzanite firstly look on the site selling Tanzanite. Type in Natural Tanzanite.

This should display those Tanzanite that are mined from the earth and not created by Man in a laboratory.

 look at as many items as possible before making your purchase. Remember if and item is said to be worth £250 it is not going to be for sale at .99p and no reserve.

Large opulent items if they are real gemstones will reflect a moderate price.

A bad example of this is a pair of earrings with say 1ct stones being listed for £2.99 and no reserve price. These are almost certainly not Tanzanite. Also a lot of pink Tanzanite earrings and pendants are only created stones so be very very careful when purchasing this colour. If they are real they will be expensive

 When you first decide you want to buy it is often a good idea to find a site with smaller items for sale and purchase one of these. They may be 3mm or so and you would expect to be able to purchase one of these for a small sum  perhaps under £5. When the item arrives it should be similar in appearance to the ebay picture, it may be lighter or darker due to monitor colours displaying  different hues. If this item is a good representitive of the picture advertized it would seem fairly safe to go ahead and purchase a larger more opulent item.

Always go for VS or better stones if you want a nice bright sparkling stone that has fewer inclusions. 

Before you purchase ask your seller any questions you may have they will be pleased to answer you and possibly be able to give you some good advise.

Tanzanite Colours:

A  Light  blue or lilac shade (very Pastel)

AA Medium Blue to Light Violet (stronger pastel)

AAA  Strong Violet Blue Tones (good colour saturation)

AAAA Deep Violet Blue ( often known as D Block )

Tanzanite Clarity:

SI: is a bright stone that has some air bubbles, hair lines and possible darker inclusions in it easily visable to the naked eye.

VS2: is very bright with good clarity may have a few tiny pin prick marks and perhaps a hairline hardly visable to the naked eye

VS1: bright and sparkling with only the smallest amount of inclusions hardly visable to the naked eye

VVS Eye Clean: Seen only under a jewellers loupe not visable to the naked eye.

IF: Internally flawless the best grade possible


This is the untreated unheated stone and is called Zoisite.It has many different colours and although usually pastels these are very sort after stones. Like fancy Diamonds (this means naturally occuring coloured stones having no treatments) they are considered by collectors to be far more valuable. 

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