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I ordered a tent from tentatsic in good faith on the understanding it was at that time in stock (as per ad).

Due to our Holiday the 24/48 hrs delivery seemed good. 10 days later several emails by us (none returned by seller) no tent. We then decided to buy another one from another seller who did as they said provided 24 hr delivery. Tentasic was informed prior and after purchasing the new tent.

I then filed a claim through paypal and this is when i received contact from them via paypal.I was informed that to receive a refund i must first provide five star +ve feedback (proof can be emailed).

I refused to do this as the service i received was very poor and was confident that paypal would refund (how stupid of me!). I again informed them that only a refund would do as too long had passed and it was nolonger needed.

Four days later i received a dispatch email. I emailed the seller stating that i would not be signing for the delivery as i had advised them several times that i had canceled the order because they had taken so long (which i did and the seller recieved the item back).

Tentasic inturn put the tracking information into paypal and paypal refused the claim. After several calls to them they understood and reopened the dispute.

Again my claim was turned down because the seller sent the item. I explained that this is not what i had signed up for, i brought in good faith.  After looking on the internet i have read alot about paypal going in the sellers favor. There are several websites (paypalsucks) explaining about the detail in the small print.

I was told by paypal to take out a ccj against the seller. I have since taken advise elsewhere and got my bank to reverse the charge as a fraud transaction.

How many of this sellers +ve feedback ratings are truly -ve?

How many people are still like me waiting to get their money back?

I have sent proof to ebay of their feedback threats and they are still trading?!?

Paypal protection does not count for anything it is just luck if it goes in your favor they do not have to give you your money back read the small print.

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