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pics, L to R....front view, 3 piece on backing plate...back view...........note 6cm size of CUMBERLAND title, this is important and is explained in the text.

of all the 1908-1921 "T RFA........whatever" shoulder titles, the CUMBERLAND one is one of the rarest to find as it was only made for and issued to the Carlisle Battalion....both the Workington and Whitehaven Battalions both wore the common "T RFA E LANCASHIRE" title.

made in 3 pieces, either as a three seperate piece badge or as a three piece welded together to form one badge...the CUMBERLAND part of the title is important..if you see one with a CUMBERLAND title SMALLER than shown and unvoided..avoid it as the CUMBERLAND title in this case will be taken from a WW2 period RED CROSS tunic...the CUMBERLAND title for the T RFA badge is the same size as a typical WW1 period title, allways in brass and allways voided. Also the CUMBERLAND title was never issued as a seperate item on its own..it was only intended for the T RFA set up as shown.

About 20 years ago a mate was at an arms fair when he found the "one piece" title, asking price was £30 THEN..he put it down with the aim of looking around and coming back when someones arm shot over his shoulder, picked the badge up, and paid £30 without haggling....to this day my mate has NEVER seen another example and has always regretted his action. In 40 YEARS of collecting i have never seen one..until a few days ago.

on e bay in early May 2010, a dealer was offering some Border Regiment related brooches...and this badge.

I watched this particular example all week, then, when the price hit £40 i bid £50..then was outbid!!!!!....i left it until about 2 minutes before the end of auction, then placed £101 on it.

With about 5 seconds to go someone bid on it but i was top bidder at £60...then with 2 seconds to go someone else bid it up to £80...and i won it for £81....i consider this to be a bargain,they just dont turn up.

considering at the time Cumbria..as it is now known.....comprised both Cumberland and Westmorland, there is no evidence of a T RFA WESTMORLAND title being in existence....indeed the Westlake "Collecting Metal Shoulder Titles" book makes no reference to a similar Westmorland title .


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