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I bought some of these for my Oscar fish. I used the tub over the space of 2 weeks. Never again. It stains the water red and also the filter media. I now have to do a complete water change of the huge tank which will take me all day.
Oscars are large fish which are mainly carnivorous. They eat huge amounts. Mine are particularly fussy and will not eat most brands so I'm constantly trying different makes to see if they like them. Mine won't eat any made by Hikari. I have tried several unbranded ones off ebay and so far, all of them have been refused, so end up being fed to the chickens or my cockroach collection.
 There is no warning on the tub of Tetra cichlid colour pellets which is a new product, to say that it will discolour the water, but I am not the only person to have had this problem according to a search online.
The water is horrid and murky and I can't see my fish properly.
In future I will buy only King British, or New Era cichlid pellets which I know they'll eat.
I have a suspicion that some sellers on here, sell pond pellets as cichlid pellets. Pond pellets are cheap to buy. They are of course, totally unsuitable to feed to cichlids, which is probably why my Big Billy and his sisters refused to eat them.
At least they didn't dye the water though.
Unless of course you LIKE murky reddish water in your tank!
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