THE D750i Can you name a better fone of its generation?

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Okay this is my first review so i'll keep it short and sweet because I'm still not quite sure how this works. I've had 2 of these babies now, I have two tmobile contracts (paying £3.99/month together) hehe and every year I get two upgrades!

Neways, I checked out enough websites and reviews about the phones to get on upgrade, reason being is because there is so much choice now. Everyone wants a phone with all the features correct? But what good is a hi-tech phone if the battery is dead?!

This is one problem I've noticed with all the new phones, their hi-tech components and features drink batter faster then I can down a fosters!.. I'm serious, I think it was 1 of the newer nokia's in the N-Series i saw with only 4hours talk time!!

Guess what.. this phone (Sony Ericsson D750i) gives me atleast DOUBLE that easily!!.. Ain't got all the figures to hand but i know for a fact talk time is atleast between 8-12hrs. I use 1 for txt and 1 for calls.. the 1 for calls i charge every day because I make loads of calls but the other 1 is charged once a week (honest).

I've had these phones over 9 months now and unlike some of the other phones where u notice coming towards the end of your first year with it, he battery life lessens.. this thing seems to keep on going.. kind of like the old Hilux Surf vehicles lol.

By now i know you're thinking.. battery isn't everything but then without the power you got nothing! - so i thought it's best to start from the core :p

The camera, Impeccable!.. if you checkout my myspace profile at you'll see that those pictures (taken at night with the light on) came out in excellent quality!.. I'm yet to upload some of the recent daytime pictures so check back soon. It's a 2MP so it's not great great but it does the job very well an i like it.

The video recorder, unlike some Nokia's.. it isn't restricted to a set time limit and has a video quality to die for.. honest.. although night mode I must admit is very weak and could do with some improvements.

umm.. I guess the other major thing that pulled me towards choosing this phone was the fact it has a large integrated memory and also the memory stick which is upgradable.. I've got tons of videos and tunes on my fone.. oooh which reminds me!!.. It also has the radio!

Honestly speaking.. I've had a lot of phones in my time.. I have about 6 other phones aswell as we speak but I use these two because I love them.. The Sony Ericsson D750i.. truly the best fone of its generation!

I must admit, i prefer the navigation on the old nokias.. i'll always prefer them especially for texting but you soon get used to it and realise that even still the D750i is far superior and far more advanced for txting aswell.. I can fill 1 txt with a nice long message in less then 15 seconds.. then again i txt with my eyes shut, just like i'm typing now whilst watching tv ;p

Okay so that's my review.. hope you like :)

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