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If your a seller on EBAY?,then these handy tips shown below are for you.

If you live,or have access to,any Poundland,Poundstretcher or Poundsaver Stores?, then your in luck.

For ONE POUND STERLING you can buy ONE of either~a Packet of different sized Bubble Mailers,one size for DVD's,one size for CD's,one size for any smallish Item~Brown Packaging Tape~Pens~Permanent Markers~Bubble Wrap~Stickers of all descriptions such as FRAGILE, AIRMAIL, etc.etc,and you only need shop at one of these Stores once a week,or once a month,or even every day if your selling enough!!.

A few quid in total for ALL your Postage requirements,can't be bad.You can keep your Postage costs way down in comparison to some other sellers who are a wee bit pricey,'cos they don't know about these Stores?~but the best thing is your prospective buyers will be VERY pleased with your cheaper,but secure,Postage costs.Try it and see, and please note,I am not an employee of any of these Stores,just a fan of their collective costs~LESS THAN ALL THE OTHERS!!.haggis-n-neeps

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