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I don't know about you but I think sellers have a cheek these days in the postage they charge on Star Wars figures!

OK heres some facts to help you buyers make an informed descision on if you should buy from a seller.

 A carded figure costs no more than £1.27 to post first class if you add a bit for packing fees its £2.00 maximum. Some sellers want £3.00+ and it dosent even come 1st class or insured. If your lucky it comes in a box but often it comes in a jiffy bag all smashed up!

Why should you put up with such rip off prices?!? Shop around for gods sake the only reason they set postage so high is to make a bit of extra money that Ebay can't touch and that is out of order! I urge all buyers to buy from sellers like me who make their money on the products they sell not their postage costs!

Its time that buyers started leaving feedback about rip off postage and poor packaging!!

Ebay is cracking down on rip off postage sellers beware!

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