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Here is I believe, the most pitiful attempt to scam me out of an item on ebay ever!! here it is step by step.

1: I listed a psp and games for sale with strict instructions staing that it was a uk only sale.

2: Some bod from africa  (Daniel Dare!!!)with 0 feedback used buy it now to buy the psp and emailed me asking for a total amount.

3: I declined and emailed him back saying that he couldnt purchase the item due to the high level of scams from his continent.

4: About a day later i received an email supposedly from paypal saying that they had funds waiting to go into my account from Daniel dare to the amount of £450. the buy it now was only £90!!! Amazingly though, there was no corresponding information on the REAL paypal website.

5: I ignored it

6: THEN THE BEST BIT!!!!!! The FBI emailed me using poor english with numerous grammatical errors saying that I had committed a crime by not sending the psp and i had 48 hrs to do so and forward proof of this to the FBI head office in VANCOUVER!!!! (the fbi is american why would their head office be in a different  country?)

7: i laughed at this amateurish attempt to con me.

8: I laughed some more

I think the funniest part is that they expected me to believe a: the entire story, but mostly that the fbi gets involved in ebay disputes.

it was annoying to have to relist my item, but my god they made up for it with



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