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I bought an item of ebay ,

of which I had not receive it 42 days after making a Paypal payment for the item.

so I made a paypal claim for item not received which you have to do before 45 days this is a paypal rule.

Once the claim was made the seller then posted me out an incorrect item. which was sent by recorded delivery, so he had a tracking number that proved that we received the item.

but it only proves you have received something, in my case the item was in correct, but as the seller had a tracking and the tracking number said that the item had been delivered,  and paypal awarded the claim to the seller,

 Paypal would not change my claim from item not received to item received not as described so the seller got away with my monies.

I have lost over £75.00 using paypal because they would not change the Paypal claim from item not received, to item received not as described.

I got an item worth about £5.00 and I paid the seller over £75.00 for it. this is not on and ebay and paypal need to sort this out to stop it happening again to some one else.

Paypal  needs to change this rule as I lost monies, and ebay  would not refund me either.

ebay told me that I had to take the seller to court myself.

please ensure that this does not happen to you

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