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Hi, I have been selling breast pills on eBay for nearly 4 years now and from some of the questions I get asked, it becomes apparent, most people think they would feel more feminine and more like a woman, if they had larger breasts. 

We all want to improve the way we look (the way we feel ) and apart from surgery, breast pumps etc, breast pills can seem a natural workable alternative.

For anyone who is contemplating having breast surgery please do spend some time looking at this guide, it can help you too - The $64,000 dollar question is of course - DO BREAST PILLS WORK ?

I have to say - in a lot of cases YES, they do work - well I would wouldn't I ? - but I can only go by what my customers have told me and displayed in my feedback - most of the people that actually leave feedback for breast pills tend to leave feedback early on to get feedback in return and don't always wait so thay can give feedback about the product  itself - not just the fast shipping or good service etc.


Do they work for everyone - NO !  I don't think that any product works for EVERYONE. Some people see some slight enhancement in the first month or so, however using breast pills should be like taking a course of treatment - best results are found over a 3 to 6 month period.

When I started selling this product nearly 4 years ago, I spent a long time on eBay monitoring the feedback for this product, I didn't want to sell something which was going to get a lot of bad feedback

The product we sell is a product called breast sculptor, its made by Powernutra Inc, in Florida USA and has been around years, they have sold millions of bottle worldwide - this is not the only breast enhancement pill on the market - there are many good ones about and obviously some that don't really do much at all.

Why Breast Pills ?

Well the alternatives are to leave your breasts as they are or have breast surgery. Now I'm sure their are plenty of good surgeons who can perform this operation, 26,000 people in the UK had this operation last year - however, It is a bit drastic. Apart from the £5000 (prices vary) for this operation, there are certain risks that come with surgery. For instance, it is probably fairly painful and with any breast implement inserted into a breast - there is a possibility of leakage etc, although this is being improved upon all the time.

Our breast pills are of herbal extract, there are no chemicals or anything nasty in them - you can start a course of them fairly cheaply and you could soon be seeing noticeable improvement to your breasts, both in size , firmness and fullness. It's not a guarantee, I'm just saying you could do.

How Does It Work?

Breast development is under the influence of female hormones. This is evident by the natural changes a woman experiences monthly as she goes through her cycle. The all natural herbs in Breast Sculptor do not contain actual hormones, however they do contain Phytoestrogens.

Phytoestrogens are a group of substances found in plants that have estrogenic properties. Phytoestrogens, through their natural balance of female hormones promote the development of glandular breast tissue.

Breast pills, in particular Breast Sculptor are formulated to enhance the breast tissue, many women are dissatisfied with the size & shape of their breasts due to their breasts not developing properly - recent weight loss, pregnancy, ageing etc.

The majority of women experience some sort of enhancement - women with a cup size of "A" or "B" may find it likelier to experience growth of a cup size or more. One of my customers told me they experienced a 3 cup size increase over 4 months - this I would like to point out though is not the norm - but up to 2 cup sizes have been reported by several of our customers.

What is in the breast pills ?

In our breast pills (Breast Sculptor) their are 10 natural herbs and pharmaceutical ingredients to promote and enhance female breast health.

These are:

Fenugreek (Seed)

Saw Palmetto (Fruit)

Fennel (Seed)

Mexican Wild Yam (Root)

Damiana (Leaf)



Avena Sativa

Blessed Thistle


The capsule is made of Gelatin.

Please do take a look at our eBay shop - this product is illustrated there for your further interest:


or keep reading.

Breast Sculptor is taken as 1 capsule twice a day with water or a meal - each bottle has 60 capsules and lasts approximately a month. All enhancement is permanent, you do not need to keep taking the product forever. Once you have achieved the enhancement you are happy with reduce your dosage to one capsule a day for the next 90 days, you should then maintain all of the enhancement achieved.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this guide, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me on my eBay feedback page. We are a small family run business that prides itself on good quality, friendly customer service, speedy &discreet delivery.

I hope you have enjoyed this guide and would appreciate it if you feel it has helped you, to leave a positive vote at the bottom.

You can always email me through my shop if you have any enquiries.

All the best

K x



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