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Before purchasing any deeply discounted cosmetics, including creams from any major brand, please go to the online version of Britian's Daily Mail at for an article entitled "The Toxic Trade in Fake Makeup" which was published on Friday, January 31, 2014.  Eight out of 10 deeply discounted cosmetics purchased on eBay and Amazon were counterfit!  When analyzed they contained high levels of toxins such as arsenic, lead, copper and cadmium.  Some contained paint stripper or nail varnish (in mascara!).  One product contained urine!  The bottom line is that there is a flourishing cosmetics counterfit trade in China.  Physicians often use skin patches to deliver a variety of medicines that then travel throughout the body, and therefore these toxins can also spread throughout your body, as well as cause local skin reactions.  Sellers (sometimes unaware themselves that their supplier is not legitmate) will say the reason their product is different from that purchased at a legitimate retailer is because the product is made in another country and therefore can used ingredients banned by the FDA in the US or UK (i.e. dyes), or that the formula varies from country to country. Or that they buy surplus products with damaged packaging or misprints.  REPUTABLE COMPANIES DO NOT ALTER INGREDIENTS FOR INDIVIDUAL MARKETS NOR SELL ITEMS TO A SECONDARY MARKET WITH DAMAGED OR INCORRECT PACKAGING!  PERIOD!  Please be careful when purchasing cosmetics, and remember, if it sounds too good to be true, is usually is.
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