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THE ULTIMATE LINE DANCING COLLECTION 3CD does not come up in Ebays catalogue system so I needed to type out all the tracks when selling this. I thought other sellers would like the benefit of this to freely use in their own sales. So I am putting the details here.

This collection is useful for teachers and dancers alike as all dance instructions are included. Also it would make a lovely gift.

123 Productions
EAN 5 029956 504023

CD 1 - Get in Line and Dance

15 Line Dance Classics
Dance Steps and Instructions included

Track Listing:

01. Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll - The Sideliners (Flying 8s)
02. There You Go - Martin White (Red Necked Girls)
03. The Hurting Part - Shaun Byrne (Ski Bumpass)
04. Oregon Train - The Cheap Seats (Red Necked Girls)
05. Line Dancin' Days - Capricorn (Texas 2 Step)
06. Good Times Come Around - Simon Richmond (Ski Bumpass)
07. This Don't Feel Like Dancin' - Bobby Lee (Tush Push)
08. Love Kept Its Hold On My Heart - Chris Sayer (Texas 2 Step)
09. Heart As Big As Texas - Shaun Byrne (Flying 8s)
10. My Heart Keeps Changing My Mind - John Donelly (Ski Bumpass)
11. Here, There and Everywhere - The Cheap Seats (Flying 8s)
12. Caravan Song - Big Al (Texas 2 Step)
13. Daddy's Got His Blue Jeans On - Simon Richmond (Tush Push)
14. You've Telling Me Lies - Shaun Byrne (Tush Push)
15. Let's Here It For The Ladies - Simon Richmond (Ski Bumpass)
CD 2 - Get in Line and Dance Volume Two FUNNY LINES
15 Line Dance Classics
Dance Steps and Instructions included

Track Listing:

01. Whiskey Drinkin Woman - David Woods (To get you in the mood...)
02. Everything's Big in Texas ('cept For Little Ol Me) - Mark Reichow (Get In Line)
03. The Step Momma From Hell - Jim Crowston (The Freeze)
04. Daddy's Dressing Up Again - Tennessee Whiskey (Confusion)
05. 3 Time Loser - Hollywood Hillbillies (Flying 8s)
06. Parisian Cowboy - Rhinestone Calais & The Western Quarter (The Freeze)
07. If You Can't Fight (Wear a Big Hat) - Marty Ross (Flying 8s)
08. Crystal Chandelier (Gets Up My Nose) - Alan Cameron (Get In Line)
09. Tough Guys Don't Dance - Marty Ross (Confusion)
10. Country Mile - Debra Hart (Confusion)
11. Be A Yodel-Lay-Dee Line Dancer Big Al ) (The Freeze)
12. Loan Me A Lincoln - Michael Stanton (Get In Line)
13. Great Big Knockers - Keith Munday (Confusion)
14. Put 'Em Where The Sun Don't Shine - Paul Griggs (Confusion)
15. I've Forgotten What I Drink To Forget - Harry Lang (Get In Line)
CD 3 - All American Line Dance Album featuring Black Coffee
15 Line Dance Classics
Dance Steps and Instructions included

Track Listing:

01. I Wana Watch You Dance All Night - Bill Todd (Fly Like a Bird)
02. When You Go Dancin'..Better Watch Your Step - Leroy Lovitt (Solo 2 Step)
03. He Ain't Mr Right  Luce Amen (Loose Boots)
04. Joanna? - Becky Hobbs (Black Coffee)
05. Turnin' Up The Heat - Gary Floyd (Solo 2 Step(Turbo))
06. Toe Tappin' Country Man - John P. Swisshelm (Swamp Thang)
07. Rock The Boat - Good 'Ol Greenwood Boys (Black Coffee)
08. I Don't Live in Paradise - Good 'Ol Greenwood Boys (Black Coffee)
09. What's Your Name - Good 'Ol Greenwood Boys (Black Coffee)
10. Goodbye Hit Me Right in the Heart - Good 'Ol Greenwood Boys (Solo 2 Step)
11. Double Bogey Blues - Hard Hat Dave (Black Coffee)
12. You Should Have Thought About Her - Luce Amen (Loose Boots)
13. Don't Call Me - Becky Hobbs (Swamp Thang)
14. You Ring My Bell - Ray Griff (Fly Like a Bird)
15. Black Coffee - Sean Kenney (Black Coffee)

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