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Find a well ventilated area with good light for a good part of the day.
The silver grey type of Tillandsias enjoy higher light levels than the greener ones which prefer a bit more humidity.
Most species enjoy their water as long as they dry out within an hour or two. You can use slightly tepid water at times to spray them. Rainwater is always preferable. An occasional dunking in fresh water for
15 minutes is helpful when plants are stressed and dry.
Fertilize occasionally in the Spring with a weak solution. The stiff roots are for attatchment to its host, it is always a sign of a good healthy plant, best use them on support cork or old wood and mount the clump.
Larger specimen plants can be split apart and divided whenever you like, dividing into two or more clusters. When detaching single plants make sure they are mature enough to seperate, preferably with some root fiber.
Good luck collecting these wonderful plants!
Rick Martin

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