TIPS for STAY at HOME MUMs: How to save on baby items

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Having a baby can be expensive and stressful on your budget (especially when you stay at home with baby and do not work). I am a student myself and I found many ways to save on baby items. I share my experience. Here I provide a list of sources which i found very useful  to get baby items cheaper or for free.

EBAY ( Look at used items for lower prices, bundles to save on postage, local pick up to save on postage (sort items by location and ask seller for possibility of free collection, some sellers only sell on free collection which makes auction less attractive, thus lower prices).

On this website find local boards and nearly new (you will need to login) You can find offers from local people selling baby items and more. Contact seller via netmums site and arrange collection or view.

Carboot sale is a place where people bring there things used or new to sell usually for very cheap. There are all sort of things you can find, but i find it is quite usefull for baby items. You will need to find your local carboot sale. It is a great place to buy baby items and more but got some disadvantages: need own transport to get to that place (carboot sale usually outside of city), closed during winter, no roof so do not go when it rains. Do not forget to put comfortable shoes and prepare small cash.


You can get a library card for your child to borrow books. In my library we can borrow for 3 weeks, renew online, NO FINES on late returns or damage.

For a small membership fee (I paid 5 pounds per year) you can borrow toys and play. Extremely useful as children grow so quick and they need different toy for different stage of development. You saving not only money but also space at your home. Before borrow we are allowed to play in library, so I let my baby try toy and see what she prefer before borrow.

you will need to sign to group and you will receive emails from people offering things for free on all sort of things. After you agreed by email that you can have it you will need to collect it. 

find in Notice board/Nearly new/free

Ask other people if they got baby items they do not need anymore, especially mums who got abit older children than your. Also ask to borrow.

website providing links where you can get free staff, mostly promotional items and testers). Usefull to get samples of nappies, baby food and formula milk to try before you buy a whole package.

This is my 1st article, but I have plans to write more to share my experience on how to save money on baby items. Here some topics I plan to cover for STAY at HOME MUMs: how to earn money staying at home, how to save on going out with your baby, tips to make your life easier, how to continue self education, how to save on food, how to save on sport.
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