TO STRIKE OR NOT TO STRIKE (To neg or not to neg)

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This is my first time to write a sort of guide; the main reason being; I think the feedback system can be a bit  unfair to say the least; especially to fairly new E-Bayers   ( SORRY E-BAY)    NB: I MIGHT GO ROUND THE HOUSES A BIT, BUT I WILL GET TO SOME SORT OF POINT IN THE END AS YOU NEED TO HEAR THE FULL STORY !

A short while ago I  placed on auction  several 1960's football programmes signed by 2 football legends, I described  them as tatty but rare due to the 2 autographs ( I included a v/good scan & gave proof that the signitures were authentic to give all potential buyers an exact description of the lots!)  I received a lot of interest and  they were all sold . Usually (95% of the time i get paid by paypal - the safest method of payment) I receive payment within 1-3 days and I dispatch the lot in question by the first available posting as I have a post office just across the road from my house.

   After 3 days, in my items sold list 2 checkout colomns were not completed  but  the payment colomns stated payment was being made by personal cheque;  So I  waited !   After  7 days  no cheque had been received  so I sent  a polite check-out and payment reminder, I received back an e-mail stating he  had already posted his payment; which I should have received !  I waited a few more days ( but no cheque) I then E-mailed him saying that no cheque was received, he then blamed the post office and said he would be sending me another cheque ( I thought to myself " some post does get lost, so I took him by his word) and waited another week ( no cheque was forthcoming) I then contacted the E-Bay dispute consul and explained the situation and they contacted the buyer immediately giving him 7 days to pay or I  would  be able  to issue  strikes ( the buyer won 2 lots by the way)  When he received  a message  from the  dispute consul; He immediately e-mailed me and stated again that he had sent a second cheque, he also stated that he would immediately send another cheque with a new date so i would be paid ! Once again no payment was received so E-bay issued me with a credit !

I then contemplated about the whole matter and in the back of my mind was the thought that I would receive 2 NEGS if i authorised strikes against the non-payer ! So I decided to inform the buyer by e-mail stating that if he paid me within 7 days I guaranteed him that I would not even give him negative feedbacks as all I wanted was to be paid for the programmes ! I also stated that this would be the very last communication that I would send, thus giving him one more chance for him to honour his debt ! No payment was received !

As I was a fairly new E-Bayer at the time with a rating of around 30 (If my memory serves me correctly) I was and still am of the belief, that if I authorised strikes and awarded him with 2 negative feedbacks; I would have definately have received 2 negs back from him; which would have seriously damaged my reputation and probably would of meant the end of my E-Bay sales. I am sure most buyers check out peoples ratings and with a 60-70% percentage I would have been ruined for no good reason. I for 1 have now  put blocks on people with ratings with a certain minus percentage !  I then wrote to E-bay and stated my thoughts about feedbacks and said I wanted to let other E-Bayers know about the problems I had endured and asked if I awarded 2 negative feedbacks could they block the non-payer from giving me 2 negs and they stated they couldn't. ( As I had just started to build my reputation I didn't award negs ! WAS I WRONG ? ) If I had a rating of 1000 approx. I wouldn't of hesitated to authorise strikes and award negs  as if i had received negs my percentage would have hardly changed.

 I suppose one of the points I'm trying to make is,  if you have dealt with loads of different buyers or sellers and you come across some idiot who has no principles and is a total liar; you can safely award negs and strikes but if you are a newcomer and award strikes or negs; be prepared that you may be  barred from buying !  I don't know if there is a timescale with regards awarding negs etc, but as soon as I reach 1000 I will definately be checking back my feedback lists and tell everyone about the person in question, that is if he is still around. I just hope that he had treated a power seller badly and that he has received his just deserves !

I know this little story was quite boring, but if you have any commects or suggestions re giving negative feedbacks regarding helping E-Bay newcomers' I definately think they could benifit from your views/advice or comments !



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