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IF YOU ARE WONDERING WHO IS THE BEST PHONE,well does not exist such a thing,the best one is the best that will suit to you;does not exist a phone,who has everything ,the best from the best,not to mention that the taste is different; who is the most beautiful woman in the world?the best car?

The number of top phones,has increased in the last few months,making it difficult in choosing them for top 10,2008.When i made this top,i took in account,the design,the interface,the resolution of display,and colors,how easy is to handle,to use it,the camera and its performance,the GPS and how well is working,proffesional maps,software,connectivity to satelites,accurate navigation,the performance of the phone,the power of processor,the multimedia capacity,how easy is to see different movies,pics,songs,internet connectivity,3G connection,other connections possible-EDGE,Bluetooth,etc,global roaming capacity(quadband),internal and external memory-memory card present,operating software(sybian,mac,windows,linux...),special features(DivX suport,scratch proof disply,accelerometer,proximity light sensor,battery capacity,etc).These are the best phones,for 2008:

Motorola ZN5 - although has no GPS,or 3G present or accelerometer, this Linux phone,has a 5MP camera,made with Kodak;first phone with Kodak camera,with Kodak technology,it also has quadband, wifi, bluetooth,TV out,  380 mb internal memory,and memory card.

Sony Ericsson G705 -5MP camera, GPS,wifi,3G

HTC S740 - 3.15 camera, GPS, wifi,3G

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music - 3.15 MP camera,with a lot of features, very good screen 3.2",touch screen, 16M colors,good resolution 360x640,  accelerometer,proximity sensor (when you keep it at the ear,the screen will turn off to save battery,just like iphone),3G all bands,quadband,wifi, bluetoth, GPS,radio,handwriting recognition,memory card;deficiencies:very low internal memory,just 81 mb,3G CONNECTION IS UP TO 3.6 mp/S NOT 7.2 like others top phones,average battery,symbian operating system (no pocket office,no office editing),camera only 3.15 MP,GPS using Nokia maps,that are not very good.This a a competitor to iphone,made for Nokia lovers;but is far behind WM devices,like Omnia,HTC diamond,HTC touch HD/pro,Sony Ericsson Xperia,Asus Galaxy7,Glofiish DX900,etc

Nokia N85 - 5MP camera, GPS,wifi,3G, accelerometer

Samsung M8800 Pixon - 8MP camera, GPS,wifi,3G,accelerometer

LG KC 780 - 8MP camera with a lot of features,but no 3G,no wireless,low internal memory,memory card present,low battery

11.LG KC910- beautiful design, quadband,big screen,3",average resolution 240x400 , very good camera,8MP , with geotagging, face+smile+blink detection, autofocus, xenon flash, GPS, wifi,3G+video calling,TV out,DivX,Xvid player,memory card;

weaknesses:not smart phone,symbian,you cannot edit documents;low internal memory;average battery;no 3D sound;no accelerometer;

10.Samsung i8510 INNOV8 -quadband,16 M color, 2.8 "display,8 MP camera with autofocus,image stabiliser,autopanorama shot,geotagging,face recognition,smile recognition,blink recognition,video editing,video call, 3G(dual band)7.2 Mb/s, wifi with DLNA (= wireless media sharing protocol that runs on top of Wi-Fi),edge,bluetoth,internal memory 8-16 GB,memory card up to 8 GB,radio, 3D graphic accelerator,acceleromater, GPS,DivX support,audio jack,stereo speakers, 3D surround sound effect and DNSe 2.0,accelerometer,optical mouse,TV out; weaknessese: lower resolution display(doesn't matter that much due to 16M colors),Symbian sistem-NOT SMART PHONE,battery only above average(1200 mAh),no touch screen,very expensive (around 1000$)ONE OF THE BEST MULTMEDIA PHONES EVERMADE

9.Sony Ericsson C905-beautiful design, 8.1 MP camera- this is the most advanced camera on a mobile phone,for the first time with face recognising, smart contrast, xenon flash+photo flash(two flash!!) ; accelerometer, GPS,wifi with DLNA (= wireless media sharing protocol that runs on top of Wi-Fi),3G,radio,TV out,good battery, memory card. weaknesses- poor internal memory ,not windows mobile-NOT SMARTPHONE,not office documents viewer or editor, no touch screen. This phone is made especially for photographs lovers.

8. Nokia n96 - small dimensions,TFT screen,5MP camera with focusing,image stabilizer,video recording,GPS, 16 GB internal memory !!!!plus memory card!!!! accelerometer, good sound, wifi with DLNA (= wireless media sharing protocol that runs on top of Wi-Fi),3G+video calling;TV receiver!!!

deficiencies: poor battery life,operating system: symbian.NOT SMART PHONE!,not very good maps for gps,3G connection is only 3.6Mb/s, no touch screen,and surprize-poor processor,under 300 Mhz!!!! ;deserves no.8;

nokia n97 is better than this one,16 gb internal memory,full keyboard,etc still symbian

7.many people like iphone - big screen,320x480 resolution, designed especially for internet,wireless,3G/EDGE-this is the best internet phone!easiest to connect,to browse,to proect against virures,because MAC system does not get viruses easily,the easiest touch screen device to handle,average-good memory 8-16 GB, great interface,maybe the best, now with GPS who uses google maps,and uses satellites,cell gsm towers,and wireless points to localize signal,BUT THIS IS THE WEAKEST GPS POSSIBLE,IT IS ONLY ASSISTED,WILL NOT SHOW TURN BY TURN LOCALIZATION,WILL NOT WORK WITHOUTH CELL PHONE TOWERS,USELESS IN CARS,-see my guide weaknesses to iphone, big screen,scratch proof LCD; weaknesses: bluetooth practically unuseful,to big,poor camera, no autofocusing,no image stabilizer,no video recording,no blitz , you cannot edit windows files,only to view them,gps with google maps who are not very detailed,and uses internet connection all the time to download them,no GPS software,poor gps chipset who make iphone to not show you location n real time whne moving by car,the GPS is assisted by network,no network coverage,no GPS,because is assisted and because you need network for internet needed to download the map;poor battery life,nonreplaceble battery.,only one speaker,poor sound quality,not 3d sound,poor volume,no memory card,average internal memory , 3G but no video calling,3G speed is maximum 7.2 Mb/s,no radio,no MMS,no handwriting recognition,etc,too expensive (525$ 8GB,642$16GB in USA,withouth a plan,and locked on AT&T)

6. HTC diamond -well this is one of the best phones on market,low dimensions,light, good camera 3,15 MP,good interface,light, windows mobile 6, GPS,wireless, TFT screen (2.8"), touch screen, radio-deficiensies: internal memory only 4 GB, no memory card, average-poor  battery, no TV out,no DVIX  support; not quadban d-european version might not work in USA,depending the USA carrier   (has 2 versions to  cover all bands), Internet connecton via 3G,and video calling is with a speed of 7.2 Mb/s,superior to most of the phones, deserv es no.6

this phone won the price of best smart phone on 2008 awarded by EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association-they took in account not just the performance,but also the popularity,the sales)

many people are asking what software for GPS will work(Annswer:Tom Tom 6,IGO 8 from 03.06.2006,IGO 2008)

5.HTC Touch HD -5MP camera,huge resolution display 800x480 (there are only 3 phones with this huge resolution),65,000 colors,TFT screen,good GPS,wifi,3G,quadband,accelerometer,memory card,but low internal memory, Windows Mobile, radio,good battery,etc This is a top 10 phone!

4.Asus Galaxy7/XDA Zest - beautiful design,quadband, Windows Mobile 6.1,similar in size with iphone, 5MP camera,with a lot of features,huge screen 3.5",huge resolution display 800x480,WVGA (not VGA!), 65,000 colors, accelerometer,optic joystick=tracking ball, wifi , 3G(covers all bands),GPS,4GB internal memory+memory card, metal case;this phone beats HTC Diamond;weaknesses-internal memory not that high,no IR connection, average battery,week GPS (network assisted),no 3D sound,no DIVx support (can be installed) .

3.Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 - touch screen.800x480 huge resolution, 256,000 colors,TFT screen, 3.15 MP camera with focusing,etc etc,very good battery life,GPS, windows mobile 6,wireless,full keyboard,3G,video calling,Internet connecton via 3G,and video calling is with a speed of 7.2 Mb/s,superior to most of the phones,radio,-deficiencies- vey very low internal memory 400 mb,but memory card present, no accelerometer. deserves 2.

2.Etem Glofiish DX900 -quadband, 3.15 MP camera with autofocus, 3G for internet and video calling all bands,will work in Europe,Asia,and USA(unlike samsung Omnia),very good resolution screen 480x640 with 256,000 colors, TFT windows mobile 6.1, DUAL SIM (first WM device with dual sim), GPS present with SIRF star III chipset (best GPS),pocket office, TV out, WI-FI,EDGE,GPRS,

deficiencies: normal life battery, no accelerometer, no flash, not sophisticated camera,3G connection is with 3.6 MB/s only,no HSCSD, IR (not needed anyway),poor internal memory,no DivX support(can be installed), hight price; will appear this year

1. Samsung i900 Omnia- well this is surprizing good,a very big market success; QUADBAND;very good camera 5mp with focusing,image stabilizer, video recording,blitz-xenon flash!+led for night mode!,face detection,smile detection,autopanorama shot,etc,, internal memory like iphone 8-16 GB but memory card present!!!!!accelerommeter present!! GPS present,3G+video calling,Internet connecton via 3G,and video calling is with a speed of 7.2 Mb/s,superior to most of the phones,wireless,windows mobile 6.1 proffes.,with document editor, radio, tv out, PROCESSOR 624!!!!!, touch screen, big screen (3.2"),LCD - TFT;DVIX,XVID,WMV,etc support;landscape keeyboard, bluetooth A2DP (stereo music via bluetooth-this is a new technology), OPTICAL MOUSE-THIS IS NEW FOR A PHONE!,VIDEO OUT PORT SO YOU CAN CONNECT DIRECTLY TO A PROJECTOR FOR PRESENTATIONS IN POWER POINT-THIS IS NEW FOR A PHONE!!!,handwriting recognition;it looks like this phone has evrything . Deserves No.1

weaknesses-battery not that good,but above average,much better than iphone,or diamond, no HSCSD, IR connection(not needed anyway), no 3G band for USA and Europe at the same time,two versins exists to cover all 3g bands,lower resolution display (240x400) VGA screen+only 256.000(64,000 effective) colors = resonable display,but much under iphone,or diamond THIS IS THE ONLY REAL DOWNER,not very good in light like iphone is,only one speaker,no 3d sound (but loud and clear sound), THE INTERFACE IS POOR, NO Sirf Star III gps chipset, the price a little bigger than iphone 3g -800 $ for 8GB version in USA from AT&T (the price a little bigger than iphone 3g-BUT COMPARNG WITH WHAT CAN DO,IPHONE WOULD HAVE HAD A HUGE PRICE IF IT WOULD DO WHAT THIS PHONE DOES--2008 is the samsung's year-well done!!!)


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