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Paypal has been badly slated over the years and in some cases there has been due cause, but often the reason that things go wrong is that people do not have the experience of using paypal to fall back on.

However, if you take the time to become a 'verified member' then you cover yourself against fraudsters up to the value of £500 and will be a better trusted seller on ebay. The knowledge of this also allows you to buy from other verified sellers, to better protect yourself. If a case is properly filed through the dispute console, then a refund can be forcably made within 30 days, and if not then it will go to private investigation by paypal, for a small fee should the the money be refunded.

It is always a good idea to read the fraud guides and user guides both on paypal and ebay plus understand the workings of cash withdrawal, sending money and eCheques. 

There is no faster method of payment on eBay that is so well integrated into the eBay system. Just remember that eBay is not a middle-man. It is more of a Marquee.

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