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OK, No, no one  is trying to Sell without making a profit thats rediculous but now that these high charges have come into force with the royal mail im now down by £15.00 !.......... how does that work?, well i try to keep postage down i post everything via royal mail for safe secure deliveries i use correct shipping bags and ensure they are firmly secure, as i would expect as a buyer, being a buyer i dont want to pay over the odds on postage but just today i posted 25 items i had sold i should have made some money however even after paying for postage fees etc im acyually down by £15 i sent 18 small packets all different weights but all under 2kg, now normally this would have cost around .70p 2nd class so with the cost of the bags at 29p listing my postage at £1.00 seemed very reasonable however these items cost me £1.09 each to send plus the bags so now we are talking £1.38! i had a loss on every item i sent and on some such a substancial loss is this going to be the end of EBAY? we all know we have listing fees and final value fees thats fine you dont advertise for buttons but if at the end of it you are acyually losing out everytime you send something surely EBAY will dry up because people we not pay such high postal prices for things that are bargains!

So im asking as a community is there anything we can do to get this overturned or are there ways around it because for your average Joe Bloggs (no offence JOE) this just wont be viable hense loss of a potential buy and sell, if this catches on we are all in trouble


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