TUNERS DAB / DAB+ or just stick to good old FM for now.

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Yes, DAB will be obselete soon, DAB+ will be ready by 2020-ish.

DAB tuners are aweful at the best of times, and i cannot believe how prices have dropped for perfectly good FM tuners, ive seen many FM tuners go for under a fiver that are actually better than DAB reception and certainly more reliable, its going to be a very long time before digital is king, so for now i suggest buying a good quality FM tuner because the analogue signal for RADIO is not due to shut down until at least 2020.

Even the soon obselete DAB has not made it into the car industry yet let alone DAB+

Dont go rushing to buy DAB radios and tuners just yet and dont be forced or panick stricken to buy digital broadcasting equipment Just yet, analogue is here for another decade at least, and to be honest digital audio broadcasting may sound like a good idea now, but its no where near to taking over yet.

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