Tackle Computer virus, Spyware, Adware effectively

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Hello Everybody.

Not all of us are computer savy and find it difficult to help ourselves when

  • Our Operating system ( Windows XP etc ) crashes often, hangs
  • Malicious softwares like Viruses, Spywares, Adwares etc... hog a lot of system resources,  making our computer and internet slow
  • X-rated and other types of pop-ups flashing on our computers often...
  • Browser hijackers, take us to random websites

A few simple steps and precautions could make things a lot more easier for us.

1. I beg to defer with people who say, they are happy with pirated operating system. When Operating systems are released, they are never always perfect. There are bugs in them, which could result in crashes or make the system vulnerable to security threats. Hence, vendors provide with frequent patches. You dont have to spend a lot for a genuine operating system any more. You can get OEM versions for 2 digit sums here on EBay and configure them for automatic updates.

2. Broadband connection is more  like the worlds water system. There are the rivers and the oceans. All the rivers leading into the oceans. Its a huge network. It is very essential to have a good Internet Security software to keep a tab on them else anybody or anything could access and manipulate your computer. I would always reccomend the market leaders for this like Norton, Mcafee, Trend Micro etc etc. There are a lot of free softwares which could be very effective, but I do not reccomend them. You need to have an internet security software that has atleast the basic

  • Firewall
  • Anti Virus
  • Anti Spyware

And this software should be constantly updated.  The retail prices for these branded security softwares are sky high, but again, you can get genuine OEMs from Ebay for single figure amounts.

3. Install only popular toolbars like Google ( my fav ), Yahoo or MSN. These offer protection to an extent in stopping pop-ups. try to stay away from websites, thet promise to offer freebies, serials for softwares or teach you how to hack. There are 100's of vendors providing there own tool bars. Stay away. They could all be potential hazards.

With these softwares installed, 90% of your computers problems would be fixed. Maintenance is very essential. I would suggest a weekly check for the following

  • Remove un-necessary files ( disk clean up or the history cleaner in IE7 )
  • Full System Scan for Malicious Softwares
  • Defragment hard drive

People are always put off by the costs of buying genuine softwares and hence opt for the cheaper or free softwares.

A genuine Windows XP OEM could be bought on ebay for about £50 and an OEM Internet Security software could be bought for about £8.99 with a years license. Stay away from sellers, who just provide you with a key for the software and ask you to download the trial versions and activate them with key provided.

People who buy branded computers and laptops do get genuine operating sytems, but make sure they are updated often.

It does not cost much, but helps in experiencing a stress free online world.

And, please excuse my language and spelling mistakes, I am non-Anglophonic and my knowledge of the language is limited.

Thanks for reading...



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