Tagged (BNWT) or untagged (BNWOT) or is that Labels ?

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Ok, Here are the basics.


Clothing tags, Normally referred to as Retailer Tags, Swing tickets or Price tags. These are the tags that normally dangle on either a fine plastic barbed clothing wire or a piece of string / cotton / thread.


These are normally the label sewn into a garment collar / Waist Band / Side seam to hip or hem line to provide the wearer with information such as Manufacturer / Designer Name and Garment Care Instructions.

The label with the Manufacturer / Designer Name (Naming Label) is normally located in the collar or on the Waist Band. It is normally accompanied by a Size label that can be either separate labels stitched together or printed as part of the Naming Label.

The second type of label is that of the Garment Care Label. This is normally located on the inside hip seam of trousers or inside the bottom side seams / hemline of tops and skirts. This Label has all the information necessary to keep your garment looking as good as possible and is often printed with icons to identify wash temp, iron, no iron etc. This label can also contain the Designer or Manufacturers name.

Someone selling an item that is Brand New With Tags (BNWT) could be saying that the item has all or some tags. Sellers do not always determine which tags they have. Naming Labels or Retail Tags. asking a seller which tags are on the item could avoid problems later. Nothing worse than buying a wholesale lot of Hugo Boss Jeans, to find all the retail tags are attached and the jeans have all been DE-Branded.


This is a procedure taken by some High Street Stores and Designers. De-Branding is where the Garment Manufacturer or Designer Name tag is removed (Normally by Scissors). The tags they remove are the main Garment name Label in the Collar or Waist band. But as the garment care label often carries they Designer / Manufacturers Name, They will cut the name from the Garment care label.

De-Branding often causes the remaining parts of the label to fray and can look unsightly. We prefer to just tidy these up with some sharp scissors, as this shows the item has been de-branded and the customer can choose their preffered method of tidying up the labels, if at all. But some wholesalers and retailers take drastic action and either unstitch the tag completely or in some cases, They have replaced them with one of their own.  

We hope this answers any questions you may have relating to tagged and untagged. If you have any further questions, please contact us.



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