Taking a Great Photo Part 2

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Following on from Part One, here we look at other ways to alter and improve your photographs...

1. Think about angles - it may sound odd, but you can get some really interesting photographs by lynig of the floor, or towering over your subject, using rarely used angles to create a whole new look. Even the most boring subject matter can become truly interesting from the right angle. Try getting very close to your subject, or sometimes very far away will work with the right lighting.

2. Thiank about movement - Your subject doesn't have to sit and smile at the camera to get a great shot. In fact some of the best photographs are taken in totally natural conditons where the subject may not even be aware of the camera. A natural smile is a cut above a forced one, so the happier the subject the better. If you are in a studio setting you may want to experiment with directing your subject. Props can help here if working with children, distracting them and helping them forget they are being watched.

3. Think about backdrops - If you are looking for a studio feel why not hanga flat white sheet up as a backdrop for a clean, fresh look. With no distraction your subject will certainly be the focus of attention. If you're out and about check the backdrops around you. Would a few feet to the left or right produce a better image?

Apply these simple steps to your photography to help maximise the shot for canvas printing.

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