Taking it up the wrongen, Ebay's lesson

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For 8 years I've been having great fun on Ebay.

Now, after a non paying bidder took offence at being charged for tracking with a PayPal payment as advised by PayPal under the sellers protection policy, I find myself with a possible 4 neg feedbacks from someone who didnt even pay. He also threatened me with the neg feedback and tried to blackmail me into sending it at below actual postage cost. Ebay in their wisdom have now discriminated against sellers and refused seller the right to left negative feedback.

2 lessons or guides, if you like, from an Ebayer of 8 years

1 Ebay dont give a ***t

2 PayPal dont give a ***k

3 Ebay is no longer fun (bonus lesson)

4 Expect the same robotic machine written email form all Ebay departments (bonus bonus lesson)




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