Tamron 02B 28mm f1:2.5 wide-angle lens - first use

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Tamron 02B 28mm f1:2.5 wide-angle lens

More a review than guide - just could not change it sorry

Aquired in september this lens fitted with a tamron adapall 2 - nikon mount was ready to sit on my D70s. Now having used nikon's own tele-zoom 28-80mm G (no aperture version) at f3.3, the difference was clear and immediate.

The extreme extra low-light ability was amazing, being a wide landscape capable lens I went back to photograph subjects which previously gave trouble, yet the Tamron 02B 28mm f1:2.5 wide-angle lens, handle it. The smooth weighty feel gives a good impression that someone knows how to make a lens. The subtle but firm clicks of each aperture ranging from 2.5-32 & AE, smooth focusing ring, clear and detailed markings. But there was more.... This little lens with its 2.5-3cm glass could get in close roughly 15-20cm from the subject for smooth bokeh backgrounds.

True the bokeh ain't the greatest that leaves your mouth watering but then this lens is about wide-angles. I found myself angling the camera way down for some shots such as when I did not want to include the sky, but there it was.. I laughed. I think because of the angle sometimes you got to mind your feet don't get captured for some shots its that wide. Now remember this is on a 1.5 crop giving nearer 42mm @75 degrees so full 35mm frame cameras will expect even greater angles and depths of field.

A hoya (1B) skylight filter came seated on mine which I welcomed to protect the lens, I tried on and off, near light emmiting subjects and glares and found that its best kept on as it does not add/detract any STOPs, but does reduce the shine/glare from objects and adds a tiny hint of warm to a picture.

My next project is to see how well it fairs in street portraits but damn I feel I might have to be as close-up as the subjects nose to have anything half descent but till then we'll see.

Tamron 02B 28mm f1:2.5 wide-angle lens

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