Target Balls™ System for Combat-x Re useable Ball

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The purpose of this guide is to give you an insight into to Combat X reusable Target system - before you pay your hard earned money for it.

Before we took on this product in our stores we tested it - as we do with all our products. For value for money this cannot be beaten. The great thing about it is that you can see how accurate you are as the balls are able to stick to Velcro type material-  unlike its nearest counter parts - the rubber training ball. It is also completely reusable - over and over - costing you less and less per shot each time you use it.

The target is big enough for training up to 250 feet away (you may need a scope if you want to go further!)

Its a great all round training tool.

Downsides? - Only comes with 40 training balls, 20 of one colour 20 of another. This is enough to play with but a couple of hundred would be better. Good news is these can be bought separately in bags of 100 - available in 4 different colours. (Red, Blue, Yellow and Green)

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