Tassimo Coffee Machine

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3rd one and counting

Now on my 3rd Tassimo Machine i can highly recomend them! i know your probably thinking that why have i had 3? Well the first i didnt look after it very well so it broke. the second i left wanter in while i went on holiday and went all 'green' and i couldnt face using it again and now i have learnt the hard way and on my third machine.

I bought the tassimo as this seemed to have the best choice of drinks fo me and my partner - i love coffee and my faveroite is the kenco cafe crema while my partnert loves anything to do with chocolate so the oreo hot chocolate is something that makes him smile after a hard day at work.
when you buy your machine - keep the manual - this will explain how to clean it with descaler and i would reccomend you do this on a regular basis obviously more often if you have a hard water area. you get a yellow t -disc and you can use this to flush through water to clean it through.

The little nozzel that makes your drinks can be poped out and cleaned i find a bit of soder water works a treat left over night.

Be carful when cleaning the barcode reader you need to do this with a soft cloth as it can scrratch and over time be harder for the machine to read the barcodes and make you your perfect drink.

I found out about Ebay Guides as i am a BZZ agent!
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