Tattoo stencil application fluid. WHAT A RIP OFF!

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Lots of people are advertising tattoo stencil application fluid for sale. DO NOT BUY IT! Its normally only Dettol and can obviously be bought cheaper at your local pharmacy or supermarket.

Here are 2 great alternatives for applying stencils which i have used and still use with great success.

1. WASHING UP LIQUID. Yep good old fairy liquid works wonderfully and dries out pretty quick holding the carbon off the stencil well.

2. DEODORANT STICK. I am currently using 1 of these myself an aloe vera one which i find works better than washing up liquid. Takes the carbon off the stencil better, dries and holds the carbon better, even to the point of having to scrub off the stencil with a sponge scouring pad if the stencil needs to be repositioned. And even leaving guidelines to work with after having tattooed the outline and washed off the excess ink using tattooists green soap. Wonderful stuff.

Lets all try 2 work together 2 keep tattooing safe, hygenic and fair for all involved.


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