Tea Light Holder Buying Guide

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Tea Light Holder Buying Guide

Tea light holders are designed to dress up otherwise plain-looking tea lights sold in simple metal or plastic cups. Since these miniature candles produce tiny and weak flames, they’re usually lighted in groups. Tea light holders typically come in sets to accommodate multiple burning lights.

Periods, Styles, and Materials

Tea light holders are sold in eclectic styles and period reproductions. They are available in antique style, vintage/retro, country, nautical, traditional, contemporary, and other designs. If novelty is appealing, pick out fancy holders in all forms imaginable. Perforated metallic or porcelain tea light holders create the magic of dancing flames peeping through their holes. Tea light holders are most commonly made of glass, which are very affordable. Other materials, such as wood, ceramic, porcelain, pewter and metallic varieties are low-priced as well. The metal and metallic types include iron, wrought iron, silver or silver-plated, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, and bronze. If having a penchant for the organic, pick tea light holders made of coconut shell, bamboo, rattan, or capiz shells. Here’s a snapshot of a few styles and their representative materials. However, the present-day availability and versatility of materials have made possible interesting cross-overs between cultures and fashions. Glass, metallic and ceramic are the usual kinds of materials used.


Wood, bamboo, coconut shell, rattan, glass, ceramic, porcelain, metal, bronze, capiz shell, marble, resin, earthenware, soapstone


Porcelain, terracotta, brass, metal, wood

French country

Ceramic, wood, driftwood, metal, wrought iron, glass/crystal

Modern and art deco

All types and combinations

Designs and Shapes

To jazz up the look of tea lights, holders are produced in diverse designs and shapes. There’s a vast array of selections available, ranging from simple and classic forms to artsy and funky novelties. The form and artistry of tea light holders influence the way the flames are projected through them. Some containers allow the flames to burn in a soft and subtle glow. Other creatively designed holders seemingly tease the flames to flicker and create patterned shadows. Tinted containers make flames appear to cast colourful lights.

Multiple Functions

Tea light holders serve a cross-section of ornamental and useful purposes. They seem to be present everywhere and come handy for emergencies as well.

Hanging Tea Light Holders

Hanging tea light holders should be transparent enough to allow the lights to be glimpsed from a lower vantage point. This shouldn’t limit creative ideas, though. For example, stained glass mosaic holders with some clear portions make interesting plays of lights, colours and shadows. Ordinary tea light containers can also be transformed into hanging holders with do-it-yourself projects. Tea light jars should be tempered or heat-resistant glass. If the glass jar has threading in the neck area, it can be suspended with wires. Tea light holders can also be placed in suitable wire or metal mesh baskets with loops for hanging. Some hanging tea light holders are decorative accessories specially designed for the holidays. For example, advent tea light lanterns lend a festive air to homes during the Christmas season. Gardens, yards and patios may also be festooned with hanging tea light lamps all year round.

Table Tea Light Holders

Tea light holders for table settings are meant to be seen from a higher angle, so they allow a lot of design possibilities. Just ensure that flammable materials do not get in close contact with the tea lights. Keep them away from drafts that might blow objects into the flames and catch fire. Some tea light holders are flat-bottomed trays with round recesses to hold the tiny candles. They look fabulous on coffee tables, consoles, or night stands. It may be that tea lights are only burned on rare occasions; the trays are displayed mainly as decorative accents. Settings and styles of tea light holders may be changed through the seasons or simply to create a fresh look. For example, a cluster arrangement of candle holders on a bed of colourful beads or marbles will reflect the flames in a new and enchanting way.

Tea Light Holder Centrepieces

Tea lights in holders stylishly arranged as table centrepieces enhance the romantic setting at wedding receptions. Specialty stores carry matching accessories to harmonise with the wedding motif. To save money, come up with an own artistic creation to transform tea light holders from plain to pretty. Clear or frosted glass holders can be decked with lace ribbons in the wedding colours. They can be set in colour-coordinated square or heart-shaped plates or trays. These accessories cost little, yet look so presentable with just the right decorative touch. Tea light centrepieces are also perfect for special occasions and functions. They look lovely on table settings for a debutante’s party, anniversary, engagement, soiree, bachelorette party, baby shower, reunion and other gatherings. Make a centrepiece statement to match the motif. For example, a floating arrangement using suitable tea light holders can be created for a stunning effect.

Gifts, Wedding and Party Favours

Heart-shaped ceramic holders with scented mini candles make delightful giveaways to wedding guests. Charming tea light holders can also be distributed to friends at a birthday party for a young lady, or as keepsakes at a farewell party. Guests will treasure the souvenir to remember the event and the person. Matching tea lights and holders make wonderful mementos at theme parties such as a Valentine’s Day bash. Here’s an idea: Pick red tea lights in frosted glass candle holders. Put them in white painted wooden tea light boxes with heart cut-outs on both sides. Novelty shops carry an assortment of accessories that can be mixed and matched, with a bit of imagination. Scented tea lights placed in exquisitely crafted holders make lovely gift sets for Christmas and other holidays, birthdays and just about any reason for giving presents.

Handy for Emergency

Tea light lanterns are trendy little accessories that come handy in case of power failure. They are useful as portable lights to illuminate the way at night or carry around in a dark place. They can also be used in religious processions with tea lights that last for 3 to 4 hours. These small lanterns or hurricane lamps come with handles in different designs. Among the popular styles are bird cage, miniature lamp, dainty basket, vintage metal lantern, romantic lamp, and many others. They may be made of mesh wire, bamboo, glass, and other types of materials. Because they are so cute, they serve as both practical and pretty gifts.

Spa and Spiritual Settings

Scented tea lights are typical fixtures in aromatherapy sessions. The candle holders complement the spa setting to emphasise its soothing and rejuvenating effects. Leave it to the imagination of the interior designer or spa owner to create a calming yet energising ambience. Buoyant candles in floral-shaped holders among lotus afloat on a mini pond match the look of a garden spa. Stone tea light holders set in the midst of seashells and pebbles on a bed of sand call to mind invigorating ocean breezes. Tea light and holder sets with favourite fragrances are sometimes bought for home spas and baths. Tea lights may also be used in place of traditional candles for contemplative and spiritual exercises. For prayer and meditation, there are suitable tea light holders according to an individual’s religious beliefs and traditions. For example, angel tea light holders are appropriate for Christians who believe that guardian angels carry their prayers up to heaven.

Find Tea Light Holders on eBay

An initial exploration on the search field of the eBay homepage with the keywords “tea light holders” generates thousands of item listings. Navigate to the Home Decor subcategory on the left pane of the results page, then click Candle & Tealight Holders and choose Tea Light Holders.. Check the materials of interest or click the Choose more... link to reveal additional options. Scroll down the page to select style preferences. For example, picking Novelty brings up pages of innovative designs. Wishing to browse tea light holders for special occasions, enter specific keywords on the search field of the eBay homepage. For example, “wedding tea light holders“ yields results that include various types of wedding decor accessories. If looking for a particular type of tea light holders, the search as well. For example, typing Christmas tea light holders reveals available items for sale in this category.


Tea lights and holders can be placed in a multitude of arrangements for a wide variety of uses, mixing fun with function. Scented candles partnered with striking holders set the mood for a festive occasion, meditative prayer, a luxurious soak in the bath, a tranquil evening, or a romantic dinner date. Tea light holders are affordable and multi-purpose accessories for both special and ordinary events.

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